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Ceremonies were often carried out when families were together for picking, so when using parish records you may also want to find out when and where certain crops were grown. First names among Romany Gypsy populations were typically unusual and uncharacteristic of the area in which they lived. more filters... Filter Results close. Is there a story in your family that one of your ancestors was a Romany Gypsy? Become a Routes Regional Reporter, Will you help your Society? Join the Committee, Useful links: specialist family history sources, Useful links: general family history sources. Old family photos can help to identify Gypsy heritage. In the late nineteenth century numerous Gypsy families travelled to America.

Family history in this regard is simple - the child is born into the fair and marries within the fair. The National Fairground Archive (NFA) suggests that a show family in the early 1900s is most likely to be still associated with the fairground today. This makes tracing Traveller ancestry a challenge but with a bit of detective work sources can be unearthed and Surrey Heritage holds an array of archives, photographs and published works to help you. Some common Romany Gypsy last names include Cooper, Smith, Lee, Boswell, Lovell, Doe, Wood, Young and Heron. The Romany and Traveller Family History Society website is crammed with useful advice and information.

Historically you may find any of the following terms used: Traveller, vagrant, stroller, tramp/tramper, bargee, sojourner (temporary resident), of no fixed abode, living in tent, van dweller, show, fair and circus people.

Basketball player Blake Griffin and comedian Kathy Griffin are two of the most well-known people with the surname Griffin.

Welsh Gypsies share the same heritage as English Gypsies, but Scottish and Irish Gypsies and Irish Travellers are all distinct ethnic groups; the latter are often referred to in parish registers as 'Pavees' or 'Minceir'.

For Gypsy adoptions and children taken into care, Robert Dawson suggests it is best to contact your local Social Services department. Research your roots and learn about your heritage. In earlier times, the county was less densely populated and offered plenty of work opportunities on farms. Romany Gypsies are known to have used at least two names, one of which would survive as one of the conventional last names listed, or similar, and the other of which would be a private name used within Romany kinship groups. What Are Some of the Most Common Last Names for Gypsy Families. Identifying historical records is particularly difficult because of the different words used to refer to the Travelling community and to describe their lifestyle. The National Fairground Archive are the experts in this area of genealogy and the National Fairground Archive website contains a family history section. Some prominent individuals with Romany ancestry are Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Michael Caine, and the English Romanichels of England & Scotland, the Welsh Kale, the German Sinti, the basque Romani. A fairground worker, or showman, might be recorded as a stallholder, amusement caterer, roundabout proprietor or hawker. These are Baptista, Andree and Faw.

Welsh Gypsies share the same heritage as English Gypsies, but Scottish and Irish Gypsies and Irish Travellers are all distinct ethnic groups; the latter are often referred to in parish registers as 'Pavees' or 'Minceir'.

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