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Frustrated, Princess throws a tantrum in front of Santa, insulting him and threatening to have her father build a parking lot over the workshop unless she is given what she wants, even at the cost of everyone else in the world. (On the end of this, cut to him in his office and pull back to show Ms. Bellum in the foreground. I'm out delivering coal all night long, and I come home to the Smashing-and-Crashing Gang? The racers home in on the toy factory. ...two... (Pull back. (They go out again.) (He jabs at a button on the dashboard. Teddy bears! And took leave of her lie with a satisfied smirk. (Close-up of his back; zoom in on his head.) After finishing the job, the Girls return home to bed, but they do not stay asleep for long because it is now Christmas morning and open presents with the Professor. I already told you, I only looked 'cause we didn't have any presents, so I wanted to see if any other kids had any presents. (He walks out of sight around the corner; cut to an armchair as he sinks wearily into it.). Santa: (imitating dramatic horns) Bum-bum-bummm! The couple's daughter chases the cat into the branches, and it pops out near the mother's head. ), Bubbles: Yeah-huh. Making up her mind, she flies to a house and stops outside its living room window. ), (She looks around herself; cut to her perspective, panning across the living room. (fiercely; he cowers again) That makes them naughty! (Ground level. Maybe you didn't check the list twice! (His mouth hangs full open at this display of unbridled avarice, combined with a total lack of emotional control; the girls are similarly dumbstruck. Can you believe it? The whole thing is now a rough ice sculpture of her head, complete with curly hair: the two side spheres and her crown. (A string of motorized carts - the sort that might be used to ferry passengers and crew around an airport - pulls up at the steps that lead down from the doors to the front walk. (She leaves and closes the window. Buttercup: 'Cause you snooped on other people's presents! (Shift to frame all five.) Cut to the exterior of the manor's upper floors. (He coughs a bit, easing the word "yes" into the sound.).

Both take a hairpin turn around a corner, but the brunette suddenly finds herself alone - her target has seemingly dropped out of sight. Princess: Wait! (She jumps up an octave on the last "la." It is the day before Christmas Eve in Townsville, and the students at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, including the Powerpuff Girls, are all anxiously awaiting Santa's annual journey. They stare wide-eyed at it for a few seconds - they have reached their mark. Bubbles flies over, plucks down Blossom's, and dumps the coal out. Two more such dissolves show the entire subdivision and then the planet from outer space.). And step on it!

Cut to a pan across the room; they float in, yawning and rubbing their eyes, and head straight for bed.). Extreme close-up of each in turn: Princess from the side, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup head-on. I can make three little kids out of seasoning, but I can't get these lights to work!

The four charge along. Santa: It's all right, girls. Now she approaches a window and looks out over the city.). ), Bubbles: (small voice) All those poor boys and girls. Back to the doorway, the camera placed so that Ms. Keane is seen from the waist up. Santa: (shrugging) Eh. While their dad is downstairs, still working on the lights. I saw through the houses.

(Quick pan to another area; they keep working.). (She flies around a corner and out of sight. And I tried to wake you up, but I couldn't, 'cause you wouldn't wake up. (She blows a raspberry.). It's Christmas! You can use your mobile device without any trouble. This is the second time Princess Morbucks got superpowers like the Powerpuff Girls. (During this line, cut back and forth from him to them twice - he points at them - and back to him at the end of it. Inside the production area, the animals crash through a door and run through the place in a panic. Our players are mobile (HTML5) friendly, responsive with ChromeCast support. Hello, Powerpuffs!

Buttercup hit its side panel, while her sisters went straight through the frames of the missing driver and passenger windows. Quick pan to her by the fireplace, where a good blaze is going. She reaches the far end, which sports bookcases, a Christmas tree, and a framed picture of the big man himself, and stops by a doorway into the next room. There is no sound but the wind howling across the snowdrifts, and there is no motion for several seconds.

As the missile thunders toward the girls, it is seen to be no longer round, but instead formed into three rough spheres. ", [Note: Though her name has been spelled with an E in these transcripts, the Post-It leaves it out. The houses are tricked out with lights.). She prepares to swing; close-up of Bubbles, her eyes wide in shock. Close-up of the cup as it is set down on the sideboard, eggnog splashing out.

It lands at her sisters' feet; they both gasp at the sight. Not them! ), (Cut to another house and zoom in slowly.). Princess: So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Santa Clod! Close-up of this; it shows a list of first names and a one-word heading in huge red letters: "NICE." They fling these ahead of themselves in quick succession and land them neatly around the fleeing girl's body to trap her. Another such transition shifts the view to just over the balcony railing, the camera pointing at the bedroom door; turn down to the tree. Princess weaves back and forth through them; the girls are still matching her pace. As the other kids look on, some in anger, others in muted fear, she walks straight through them to her limousine at the curb. Long overhead view of her; the brat swoops into view and starts following her at a higher elevation. Back to her. ), (Princess slides down into the snow and Blossom takes fierce pride in the reversal of fortune. Not candy and presents, but Christmas' demise! ), (Getting to her feet, she looks around. Quit it!

Mojo stands placidly by the lowest "branch," ornament in hand.).

Narrator: This one Christmas Eve weighed great on his soul, (Santa reaches into view and pours eggnog from the carton into the cup. Finally the group rockets toward the doors of Santa's office; a flash of white, and we are inside. Instead, there was coal! (less enthused) Underwear and socks. (Overhead view of the room; they head for the vending machine.). She is still in midair, at the point from which she kicked over the list. Buttercup: (stacking them up) Writing my wish list for Santa. Check it! Santa: (angrily) Ho ho ho! In the kitchen, Blossom extracts a mound of dough from her bowl, shapes it into a ball, and throws it up near the ceiling twice. But there's reason for joy, if you can remember. Window frames and wall edges are given the same treatment; when she finishes, the entire house has been outlined in white lights. (Princess peeks in; pull back to frame him.) Blossom, the first to hit it, bores a small circular tunnel to mark her passage and to replace the one Princess cut, which collapsed under the weight of the snow. (Close-up of the other two.). Just as the girls flew up the chimney, they were in their nightgowns, but when they got out, they are in their regular clothes. Finally she is yanked o.c. The discovery of more coal in Blossom's causes her to gasp, and finding the same in Buttercup's sends her into a fit of hyperventilation. Fortunately, since the Girls can fly so quickly, he asks them to deliver the presents. Coal! I'm busy. Pull back to show her standing at a distance, in her civvies and with her back to us. The first time was in. The force of the next words causes him to recoil briefly.). (pitifully, hamming it up) "Oh, Santa Claus, as the only nice child in the whole world, I felt it was my duty to warn you about the three naughty girls who were so angry you gave them coal..." (Cut to them, bristling at this; she continues o.c.) ), Blossom: You're a spoiled brat who's greedy and jealous, and you don't care who you step on to get what you want! It finally falls away and hits the floor in the spot where the elves were standing - just after they have headed back the way they came. Zoom in on this, then cut to an extreme close-up of her and pull back as she gasps in total shock at the facts. Girls! During Christmas Eve, Bubbles wakes up after hearing Santa come and goes downstairs to get an early look at the presents, but is devastated when she not only finds no presents under the tree, but also a lump of coal in her stocking. Girls, Professor: Ooooh! (She runs o.c. However, while this was released on home video 2 months before it aired on TV, on December 12, this is the only episode not to be available in any digital store (including iTunes and Google Play). Pull back to show her fully suited up, head to toe, and ready for a little covert action. Back to her again; the goggles slide away, and she flips herself over the top edge of the doorframe and climbs up the wall to reach the ceiling. (Back to her inside.) In and out of all chimneys, each and every abode. Princess leaps from one roof to the next like a mountain goat with pogo-stick legs, her yellow light trail shining in her wake; they match her every move.

There's a new Powerpuff Girl in town...or so she would have you think! (Close-up of the fire in Santa's office. Santa, don't listen to them! (turning to them, holding printout) Well, I's gots the list, baby. Delicacies are ranged along its length, and an elderly fellow carrying a tea tray stands with his back to her.). Pan across the office in that direction, the view fading to black. with the lot. Bottom left: X-rayed stockings loaded with solidified peat moss. "), (As the ersatz Powerpuff Girl barrels down the street, the genuine articles start to descend on her. ), Princess: Me! Santa sits by the fire in his undershirt.).

yelling cuts him off. (A truck pulls up, blocking the view; when it pulls away, the entire mailbox is gone. (Snap to white. ), Bubbles: That's not right! A large bubble of liquid candy forms there and grows a second before popping. Narrator: And even those foes with hearts full of spite... (Cut to inside, near the top of a steel Christmas tree, and turn down. Bubbles: (rapid fire) Listen, okay, okay. Blossom: We'd be honored, Santa, and we'll do our best.

Princess... (He grabs her ear, then hauls her across the office as he continues. and brings up a snack meant for Santa, and they do as described.). The Girls chase Princess all the way to the North Pole, trying to deter her progress on the way until the four of them eventually crash through the roof of Santa's workshop, their battle wrecking the place. (She jumps down from her bed and crosses the room to the linen closet. Except for one. Blossom: Santa, it's almost morning! Now, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup must explode into a Yuletide tornado of bad-girl-thwarting action to put Princess in her place—and keep Christmas from disappearing forever! Bubbles: No! Another kid winds up a Santa Claus doll and lets it loose on the floor; camera follows it.). What's with all the crashing and the smashing, and the smashing and the crashing? [Note: References to "Bought and Scold", "Mo Job", "Birthday Bash", "Meet the Beat Alls", and "Superfriends", in that order. and descends into view; follow her to the front entrance on the next line.).

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