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Although his family is around, the Bates would usually still send a sibling along to be a chaperone. Reactions: Email This BlogThis! Also on the chaperone thing, we don’t know that one of her little sisters isn’t there with her, usually the chaperones don’t get blasted over Instagram, especially by the more image conscious sisters like Katie. 16.9k Likes, 133 Comments - Katie Bates (@kgbates2000) on Instagram: “Cheers to another year ☺️ Best birthday surprise ever, @travis.clark_ ”

I think it was Lawson who said that the parents have gotten very lax over the years. ‘Bringing Up Bates’: Family Time for Katie and Travis – Lawson Comes Home, ‘Bringing up Bates’: Trace Heartbroken – New Season Return Date Revealed, ‘Bringing up Bates’: Katie Bates Gets Birthday Surprise From Travis Clark. Is she just light skinned enough it doesn’t matter? For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube! Travis and Katie. So there would be two chaperones? I’ve always thought that was a bit progressive! Before confirming their courtship, Katie and Travis shared a number of sweet photos together on social media, causing fans to wonder whether or not the young couple would be taking the next step in their relationship soon. Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group. 42 comments: Anonymous October 5, 2020 at 2:33 PM. When Michael was courting Brandon and she went to see him at college she went with his sister. “Okkk, birthday boy! Young love! Surely, it’s not ideal to live so far apart. No doubt, the couple knows how to keep the spark alive even with so much distance between them. Since then, they got closer through video chat and chaperoned outings. It seems super weird considering the ridiculous fundie rules of Vision Baptist College, which the Clark family owns, but you’re right about it looking like Travis’ potential SIL is either black or biracial. Katie Grace Bates is the eleventh of Gil and Kelly Bates's nineteen children. Press J to jump to the feed.

So my parents divorced when I was 18 and I lived with my mom in our family house just me and her.

However, they make the best of it with Face Time and social media. Part of me really hopes the kids branch out and see PoC as people (as they are people), but keep all that racist shit about because it's how they're raised. My husband and I were together for like 6/7years or so around this time and , I didn’t want to move in until we were married ,l.. plus I had it good at Moms to save and we got along great super close but..when we would have fam parties for example, and we would be drinking, and my mom would seriously be rolling her eyes when he would stay over IN the GUEST ROOM ! Now, they are set to start the next phase of their lives as they begin their courtship on Bringing Up Bates. She may be mixed, (she’s very very fair and her hair texture , think Actress Rasheeda Jones ) and if so, she’s definitely mixed with black.

The baits are high up in their circles but owning a college may outrank the power Gill has. She is currently in a relationship with Travis Clark.

Kelly Jo also has/had a room in her home dedicated to the confederacy. After months of traveling and getting to know each other, the teenagers are thrilled to “officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.”, “Travis and his family are active in their local church and also travel together to sing, so our families have been able to visit at nearby concerts and church events,” Katie tells Us.

Certainly, they have built a strong friendship that has blossomed into something more. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest.

Watch UP tv Thursday’s at 9pm for new episodes of Bringing Up Bates to keep up with Katie Bates as she starts her journey with Travis Clark. Everywhere you look there's signs reminding you to wear masks & wash your hands but that's the extent of it. Katie Bates.

Also, they celebrated Travis’s 19th birthday together.

So, Katie is the latest family member to begin the next chapter of her life and her family is ecstatic for her on the UP tv reality show. Plus they went to a pier yesterday with no masks on! It doesn’t surprise me that they’d let Katie travel to stay with Travis and his family.

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They know that's probably not happening here. Part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group.Powered by VIP, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). They’ve been so fucking stupid about the virus. Get to know Travis and Katie with all-new episodes of Bringing Up Bates, airing Thursdays on UPtv at 9 p.m. That way, Katie and the Bringing Up Bates brood are are able to attend nearby events.

Though they are far apart they don’t let the distance get them down. Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Honestly, the Bates seem like the type of racists that think all people of colour are beneath them, apart from the ones they know. Katie and Travis haven't made an official relationship announcement yet, but aren't they an adorable couple? Besides that, Travis loves to surprise Katie with deliveries of pizza and ice cream – certainly, the way to any girl’s heart.

Katie Bates and Carlin Stewart . She's 19, 20 in 4 months, with a cosmetology degree so at least something.

It's another family with a lot to loose if there's a scandal.

Less than a year ago, she met Travis Clark through some friends and they hit it off right away. I see Katie is up at Travis’s. Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates and Travis Clark are officially courting now and couldn’t be happier together.

They keep fans updated on Instagram with shots of them horseback riding and cooking. So I’m wondering, are the Clarks not as racists as the Bates? Bringing Up Bates‘ Katie Bates is officially courting Travis Clark after starting a long-distance relationship nine months ago, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal. Annyyyways, I Found that kinda interesting for obvious reasons. In the UK we’re not allowed to mix households in this way. I happened to randomly click on her name and saw she had the brothers name with hearts around it! Fingers crossed they drop it altogether, but, baby steps in the right direction are still steps.

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