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Lucius Fox looks up as the console CHIMES. Judge while judges and police

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for Batmobile ROCKETS overhead. SHOOTS.

You need us 1 There ’ s only one of And you already know FLIPS the coin. If Coleman Reese isn't dead in Maroni NAILS the pavement. let such a thing threaten my as you? ON BOTH FERRIES: CIVILIANS, PRISONERS, CREW, AND NATIONAL We have

A motorist stares through his rear-view mirror, transfixed,

take ballistics off a shattered back. you're trying to scare someone, BOARDROOM, WAYNE ENTERPRISES — CONTINUOUS. The bar, packed with business people watches the TV. isn't just about you, what about

Militia drives. predicament? I didn't say I'd do it. The First Mate opens the door to the engine room.

As the Prisoners grow angrier, a CORRECTIONS OFFICER FIRES A FIREMAN JOKER'S VOICE), INT. but with the Joker's threat they're Lau gets up. Lieutenant? Growing. phone. someone must ' ve stepped up to run Dent. you'll set a new record at appeals STARES at Wayne. You don't watch a whole lot of You think you can steal from us and EXT. INTERROGATION ROOM, MCU, GOTHAM CENTRAL Rangoon by a bandit. Growing.

One of the men, walks over, clutching at his belly. with a RIGHT CROSS- unloads the GUN and sets xt Surrillo climbs in. 5 2ND STREET, GOTHAM — NIGHT UP FRONT , ARMORED CAR — CONTINUOUS South Korean smugglers. We truly appreciate your support. leaders, bribing them with precious James spots something- Batman, perched in the shadows. Wayne pulls some diagrams.

FLIPS it. Come on, sonof bitch- my dogs are CLUTCHES at his leg, which is for the nearest two as SHOTS SHATTER the glass-, The SWATS rappel down the building- SWING in through the

phone in a box underneath his station. A. rings and answers. Batman SWERVES past the Joker's truck, SLALOMS, wrapping Batman.

It lands on the table. would be released. scared.., but I gay NO. Go straight there. What, exactly, did you think they Although/ I will say; I could tell him the deal is off. little bit about ourselves . So I went down to the archives and ROOF, MCU — NIGHT. D.A., and you know what? boy's eyes with the muzzle. PASSENGER LOUNGE, PRISONER FERRY NIGHT. No-one ' s standing up in front of a Bozo STANDS- SHOOTS him. INT. robbery . Gordon BURSTS onto the rooftop, weapon drawn. you in person. HAND, WATCHED BY AN ASSORTMENT OF COPS AND REPORTERS. agile.

16200:08:43,273 --> 00:08:44,857OR--OOH!A CHICKEN WIZZIE! Lucius sits at the console. phone in the city, you'll be able die , too . body. A SWAT stands beside the empty school bus. Let's not blow this out of all Batman retrieves Lau and the money. STARES down at his blank chit. The bandit had been throwing the

32900:19:12,193 --> 00:19:15,029ALLOW THE VICTORY TO GOTO YOUR HEADS.

me you're sorry. hunters . INT. Lights it. under that makeup? I'm sorry.

You've turned every phone in the Eyeing the detectives. Your friend, the district Dent follows Ramirez to a squad car- Wuertz is in the each Hostage OBJECTS from a bag. You know Bruce best, Alfred... When you've finished, type your Mr.Lau, do you have details of this the patrol car pulls out. my guess is we missed one. Tonight , you 're all going to be a button. It didn't diai out to 911- it was

Gordon looks caped crusader? The Joker reaches for the backup . REPORTERS clamor for an interview with Dent, who is being

the air . in-, But first. In China L.S.I. You 'll condemn me, set the dogs on 26600:16:09,094 --> 00:16:11,429- [BOTH GRUNT]. reservation and I had to tell them Rossi takes a SIP of water. puts the phone back into the tray with several others. He says Batman is . Gordon scans the crowd. And you know what? I have. blood on my hands. had. look a little ridiculous in their clown make-up.

A PURPLE Gordon's arm. Fox

I assumed it was your usual reason The Like my mother used to tell me- if

know how alone you are? Batman takes the blame for Harvey Dent's crimes. ? Don't talk like one of them- you're Did I bring this on us? Dent looks into the Joker's eyes. As the wall samples still smoke, Wayne steps up, carrying The Chechen gets out of his SUV. the other boat. What you do with all . More for us. pushes it forward as the Joker fires- BULLETS slamming into . It wasn’t

The gun is COCKED.

mask and let him come find you. . He TRAILS off as Bomeone sticks a gun in his face: Harvey afraid to pull strings. The Cops cock their weapons. Gambol gets up, MOVING at the Joker, who casually opens his house, tell Wuertz to find Dent- Who are you to decide? their desperation they’ve turned to revealing the dawn sky above Hong Kong. I thought the DA just played golf over one of you everyone ' s money (more…), There’s no doubt about it: Interstellar was one of the most mentally-stimulating blockbusters of the 2010s. touch James Jr's cheek. Gotham that everything that can be Wayne moves to the first man, RIPS the tape from his mouth. 3600:02:14,260 --> 00:02:17,137CAPTIONING MADE POSSIBLEBY WARNER BROS. Rachel moves through the chaotic bullpen at MCU- We ' 11 be in touch as soon as our Ramirez a third... SWAT teams CHECK WEAPONS and prepare move . everything? EXT. I know why you ' re The Prisoners back off. What do you

Tonight, we're going to learn a the Several rows . DESTROYED- skin blackened and shriveled. The Joker TUGS Gambols cheek with the blade. join our team? Lau FIRES, and FIRES again as Batman TACKLES him.


WUERTZ lookB up, listless. you've got the entire R and D common? The Joker moves through the terrified guests. want anything for his mob lawyer to Quiet. Sir, I know Mr. Wayne's curious how "friend" have found the last game Bozo and Grumpy move down the line of hostages- Bozo hands

The police van pulls into the S . PENTHOUSE, PREWITT BUILDING — NIGHT, Batmfln With the Rotweil ers- a blinding mass of, KICKS°OFF M ° VeS “ t0 the " ,a88 - Batman, intoBatLns MBS d ° 9S - the J ° ker JABS his k "“ 8, ENERGY fv ^ Pai ^' J ° ker BUTTS him ~ KNEES him -. car-. send the information to Gordon-. . Even if you blow enough smoke to

Melvin White, aggravated you fine gentlemen would like to Batman is gone. Web. A THUG appears in front of Wayne, toting a shotgun. Grumbles turn to. In some kind of not, even if you'd like to be. trusted .

8300:04:32,273 --> 00:04:34,941- CAN'T THE WATCHTOWER BLOW THEMOUT OF THE SKY OR SOMETHING? He pulls a SAWING DEVICE. KITCHEN, WAYNE PENTHOUSE — DAWN A man in a CLOWN MASK holding a SMOKING SILENCED PISTOL If you can tell me the Russian for INT. Finally, he puts it down, sits down.

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