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Please watch this video to see an installation. I'm very happy with the experience. While on that same phone call, the Crandall representative walked me through the process of what would take place on their end and about when I could expect the chair and all of it matched up with their well documented and transparent process on their website (all of which was completed a couple days faster than the laid out timeline).The chair is great., Wow this looks like a really good solution. They promptly help with returns and issues. Ended up going with Crandall for a Steelcase Leap.Their customer service was excellent as I have recently moved and they called me immediately to ensure that the difference in shipping and billing address was legitimate. They shipped me a replacement the next day. ✓ We’ll Beat Any Price Although I don't know yet if the chair will suit my back, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend these good American company to anyone in the market for a new chair. The review of Crandall Office Furniture were better than expected and I received better than expected customer service! Overall the chair is of high quality and everything works well. Bought a Steelcase Leap V2 recently. “dis-arming”… lol. Assembly was easy using company's Youtube instructions.Of course any buyer of non-new furniture would be concerned with chair quality - it is not perfect and back cushion appears more used and worn than other chairs you can buy newer for less...some looseness with armrests also evident, but the key features of the Steelcase are still working well - lie back and lumbar support, and very customizable armrests.Recommend for a great price on Steelcase chairs with very detailed descriptions and comparisons on the website - thanks! It retains everything that’s valued in a chair, while making it attainable for everyone. I would not hesitate to recommend Crandall to anyone! The new part was easily installed, and the chair is fantastic and like brand new for less than half of retail. There no nebulous "open box" designation. Headrest adjusts 2 1â 4" vertically and adds 6 3â 4" to 9" to the overall height. Crandal has been helpful, informative, timely, and business-like throughout the purchasing process. Loosen the Torx screw visible through the slot in the bottom of the plastic shroud about a dozen turns (it will not click or feel loose), use a flat screwdriver to unlock the shroud from the flat plastic plate on the seat side of the bracket, then forcibly pull the sides of the shroud outward until you can pull the arm extension mechanism up-and-out of these slots in the bracket: This view from the side of the chair shows the screw hole in the bottom, with a pair of holes for alignment pins beside it: You can remove the flat plate by pushing the latch at the top center (just below the backrest screw boss), then sliding the plate upward. Great chair! But this review isn't about Steelcase - it's about Crandall.What really impressed me about Crandall was their support. They delivered AHEAD of schedule and the chair was not difficult to finish assembling, out of the box. My chair looks new. It’s a good thing you’re a dad, you have that excuse, at least. They shipped out on the estimated date and arrived quickly. I would definitely recommend Crandall as well as order from them again. But it kind of makes sense. Hey there, thanks for posting this. Sale!

Steelcase 462 Leap Chair 18 Products Steelcase 465 Think Chair 9 Products Steelcase Sensor 458 Chair 4 Products Featured Products. Will be definitely returning for another one. Just a quick note regarding my order. We are not directly affiliated with Steelcase. Great chair at a discount price! 75mm (3 inch) Roller Blade Style Office Chair Casters, Remanufactured Steelcase 462 Leap V1 Office Chair, Remanufactured Steelcase 462 Leap V1 Office Chair – Highback, Custom Fabric Remanufactured Steelcase 462 Leap V1 Office Chair, Steelcase 462 Leap Top Activated Gas Cylinder, Steelcase 462 Leap Top Activated Heavy Duty Gas Cylinder, Steelcase 462 Leap V1 Soft Floor (Carpet) Casters, Steelcase 462 Leap V1 Top Activated 8″ Stool Gas Cylinder, Steelcase 462 Leap Top Activated 10″ Stool Gas Cylinder, Steelcase 462 Leap Top Activated 8″ Stool Conversion Kit, Steelcase 462 Leap Top Activated 10″ Stool Conversion Kit, Remanufactured Steelcase 462 Leap V1 Office Chair – Sterling Frame. The Smell of Molten Projects in the Morning, Ed Nisley's Blog: shop notes, electronics, firmware, machinery, 3D printing, and curiosities. After sitting on a number of different higher end chairs at the office I decided on a Steelcase Leap. Gas Cylinders, Arm Pads, Casters, and other parts. Remanufactured Steelcase Chairs Remanufactured Steelcase Think Office Chair (Mesh Back) $ 449.00 $ 399.00. I'm very happy with my new office chair purchased from Crandall. I also got it weeks earlier than I thought I would. Of course, my ideal chair would be a Leap without the overdesigned moving seatpan, the curved backrest or the noise problems; a Leap with cooler padding and an adjustable headrest. Great company!

You can go on their website and get to know the owners and staff. My chair arrived on time and in like-new condition. Thanks! ✓ Full Warranty, Address The support I received for a couple questions could not have been better. I highly recommend using a drill with a depth gauge attachment so as to not worry about drilling through the desk. Steelcase 462 Leap Chair 18 Products Steelcase 465 Think Chair 9 Products Steelcase Sensor 458 Chair 4 Products Featured Products. Spoke with Steve Crandall who took the time to explain the differences between different quality ergonomic office chairs. Leap. Once you've sat in the best, nothing else will do.. My home office, thanks to this chair, now far outweighs my traditional office set-up and I plan on taking this chair with me to the office when things return to normal. Everything was packed very well and easy to assemble. Gas Cylinders, Arm Pads, Casters, and other parts. Please refer to the two images above. I had my chair in less than two weeks. They can now add me to their list. I waited some time - 4-5 months before doing a review. So my chair when received admittedly didn't work correctly - it wouldn't go up and down. I just purchased a Steelcase Leap V1 and I couldn't be happier! Amazing chair backed by amazing customer service! We allow you to purchase Arm Pads, Gas Cylinders, Casters, and other chair parts for your Steelcase chair online, and provide you with instructions of how to install these parts yourself. I got a Leap V2 chair and everything turned out great. Crandall Office Furniture has specialized in remanufacturing high-end office chairs since 2002. Headrest is model LLR85562 and can be found cheap on ebay or amazon. Ordered a conversion kit to make a chair a stool, and had a great experience. I talked back and forth with Crandall about fixes but they offered to replace the chair entirely or give a partial refund. I am 6'1"" and weigh close to 210 lbs with some back issues and work 50 - 55hrs per week. Headrest - Steelcase. Steelcase Leap … Parts shipped quickly, the price was fair, and everything worked just as I expected. Steelcase Series 1 office chair delivers on what’s important — performance, style and choice. Delivery was quick and setup was easy because of included documentation and web support showing how the pieces fit together. Aside from some minor scuffs at the base the chair is practically new. To begin using the site, please register for an account using the Create an Account below. Steelcase lists the arm rests on their Leap chairs as “factory installed” and not removable, perhaps because the brackets supporting the arms also support the backrest. I sit in my new Leap V2 chair for a minimum of 8 hours a day and am in love.

You will also need to drill 2 holes and buy or find nuts for the 2 included bolts. I liked my chair so much that we ordered another chair for my wife. It arrived on time, as agreed. Great price for a remanufactured Steelcase V1 highback! I read about this company online and people seemed to be happy with the service, so i took a chance as I didn't want to spend a lot of money to replace my old office chair that just wasn't comfortable.

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