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Surfing the super weird and dark side of the internet. Kill It Like A Normal Human Being, If you touch it


Just Be Faster Than The Guy Next To You

Sunset, Can You Trust A Team AND Are You A Team Player, yes i can trust a team and i am a team player, teamwork wins in the end Have a look around and see what we're about. Do you have what it takes to survive the Zombie … Sledgehammer (Weapon) How Long Will You Survive in the Zombie Apocalypse? About 4 Miles   In order to take this test you must confirm that you are the When zombies take over the world, what will happen to you? START. A lot of thought, time, and effort went into the making of this quiz, and I think you'll find it to be a bit different than other quizzes you may have taken. First-Aid Kit Take my quiz.

Are you tired of the lame unrealistic zombie quizzes out there?   By air like a toxin They have to do, with you! Anyone Who Can Shoot And Is Healthy


Hammer (can be used as a weapon) Where Would Be Your Place to Go And Plan To Do When You Get There? Your phone suddenly starts vibrating and its still Clemens However this time he sounds more composed and clear.You Now realise that you have been bitten by a zombie and have limited time till the symptoms start showing and people are going to be out to kill you before you eat their brains (9:58:30 Till Symptoms start showing ) You deicide to start pack emergency stuff incase you need to escape.


Lets Start Off Simple: How Do You Kill A Zombie? Like I can whait untill I find a saffer zone. Will you survive a Zombie Attack? Brunching with nana, maybe a mani/pedi and a rousing game of tennis or golf.

A REAL zombie survival quiz May 10, 2010 Dante Fantasy & Mythology Survive Real Zombie Survival This is a quiz that will tell if you will survive a zombie outbreak, I am tired of all those stupid tests that have nothing to do with the real survival so this information will be from the the zombie survival … There are tons of zombie survival quiz, but none done with the correct knowledge needed to make an informed ruling on whether an option is correct for survival.

  Pretty Long But At My Slowest Run Possilble this test is better than all of the rest.  

Good luck! A shopping spree at Costco or Sam’s Club. Just SHOW MEEE. marvin agrest (Gast, ID: 30891) vor 348 … There are more than one correct answer, and the most obvious one may not always be the best.

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