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There is actually a scientific explanation for this analysis. Parrot mouth has several other names and these include: brachygnathism, overshot maxilla, buck tooth, undershot jaw or overbite.

Seen especially in show horses, halter horses in non-performance work, Paso Finos, Gaited horses, and Thoroughbreds. The feet are closer together and more under the body than the shoulders. Often a result of how horse is trained and ridden. Provides ample room for the expansion of the lungs. Uncommon, usually seen in Gaited horses, Saddlebreds, and Arabs.

The loin regulates the distribution of weight on the forehand by allowing the horse to elevate its back and distribute its weight to the hind end. It is based on Ivaylo's exile to the Mongols under Nogai Khan, where he eventually met a tragic end. Why do we call a muscle cramp a "charley horse"? Thus it is difficult to engage the hindquarters or round the back by elevating loin muscles. The hind leg slants forward, in front of the plumb line, when viewed from the side. Range of motion in the elbow is 55-60 degrees.

The long lever arm reduces muscle efficiency to drive the limb forward.

Minimizes the ability to develop power at slower paces needed by draft horses. Viewed form the side, the pelvis assumes a steep, downward slope.

This shortens the stride length, which requires the horse to take more steps to cover ground, and thus causes a greater risk of injury to structures of front legs and hastened muscular fatigue. User; Horses . Tension on the hock irritates the joint capsule and cartilage, leading to bog and bone spavin.

Good muscling of a long forearm is especially advantageous to jumping horses, as the strong forearm muscles absorb concussion from the impact and diffuse the strain on tendons and joints on landing. There is no direct performance consequence. Tends to throw the saddle & rider toward the shoulders, leading to chafing, pressure around withers, & restricted shoulder movement.

Often a result of an injury to the check ligament or to the structures at the back of the knee. Associated with a long back. Agility sports (polo, cutting, reining, barrel racing, gymkhana) are more difficult.

This latter may have some truth to it - the smaller eye may result in less peripheral vision. The coronary band often slopes asymmetrically due to pushing of hoof wall & coronet on steep side, which gets more impact than flared.

Not all horses have soundness issues, especially if they are light on the front end & have very tough horn. Poor conformation of the feet may lead to uneven or ineffective distribution of these impacts, in some cases increasing the risk of injury. Some examples of the secondary effects of parrot mouth are elongated lower incisors — where the lowers may cause ulceration of the roof of the mouth’s (palate) lining (mucosa).

Several causes are possible including genetics, trauma and illness as a foal near a period of rapid growth. Location: Norco, CA. Provides less length of muscular attachments to the thigh and gaskin. Base-narrow, toed-out: Stresses the outside structures of the limb, especially the outside of the foot. Equine conformation evaluates the degree of correctness of a horse's bone structure, musculature, and its body proportions in relation to each other.

The horse should have good shoeing, eliminating LTLH (long-toe, low-heel) syndrome. Parrot mouth in a horse is often not present as a newborn foal, but becomes apparent when the horse is over 1-6 months old. The horse is best suited for flat racing, trail, carriage driving; does not possess much driving power. Restriction of the tarsal sheath while in motion leads to thoroughpin. Horses with slab-sided ribs tend to have less-developed abdominal muscles and less stamina.

The horse's ribs form the outer surface of the chest and define the appearance of the horse's midsection, or barrel, the area between the front legs and hindquarters.

The hooves tend to wing in, so the horse is more likely to interfere. Among mammals, morphology of the head often plays a role in temperature regulation.

Increases the action of the knees, giving an animated appearance. Ample area of attachment of shoulder, leg and neck muscles, enabling a large range of motion for muscular contraction and speed of stride. Ribs that have a greater degree of curvature, have the "greater spring of rib. The horse's legs are too far apart at the top and the feet are too close together; often exhibit base narrow stance (not straight from behind), thus exuding less amount of strength and placing more stress on the joints. This backward and forward sliding of the jaw when the head is raised and lowered is known as Rostro-Caudal Movement (RCM). Cannon and fetlock are “behind” the plumb line dropped from point of buttock. Offspring of his are usually exellent jumpers.

This horse reacts without cause and when you aren’t expecting it. Round ribs with a short rib length further restrict the shoulder. Thus a breeder needs to be careful and considerate even of head type when planning to breed a superior foal. This defect affects long-distance and speed sports. Jumper's Bump (also known as Hunter's or Racking Bump) [10], Medial Carpal Deviation/ Carpus Valgus/ Knock-Kneed [14] [15], Bucked, Sprung, or Goat Knees/ Over at the Knee [16], Toed-Out/Lateral Deviation of Pastern from Fetlock/ Fetlock Valgus [19], Toed-In/Medial Deviation of Pastern/Fetlock Varus, Sickle- or Sabre-Hocked/ Overangulated Long Hind Legs [21], Cow Hocks/Medial Deviation of the Hocks/Tarsus Valgus, The angle of the pasterns is best at a moderate slope (between 50-55 degrees) and moderate length.[6]. The breadth of the gaskin also depends on hock size, and will be smaller. Often accompanies low withers. The angle of attachment of the DDF and check ligament is increased, predisposing the check ligament to strain. The rider is jarred and the horse absorbs a lot of concussion. Arabian or Thoroughbred).

In general, there are four types of disposition in horses.The first is the horse with the big soft eye. The bottom of the forearm seems to incline inward. Knocked-down hips interfere with speed and jumping. The horse can't develop speed for rapid acceleration. Good for polo, roping, cutting, reining. A pig eyed horse is one that has disproportionately small eyes. How many wild horses are there in America? Most horses are between 29-33%; 33% is typically "Ideal," Thoroughbreds may have a length reaching 35%. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best.

On hard footing, the foot itself receives extra concussion. The highest point in the front leg, not covered in muscle. This makes the horse paddle out when they flex the knee.

This leads to DJD, ligament strain, hoof bruising, & quarter cracks.

The femur and tibia bones should be about the same lengths, thus allowing for more room for longer thigh muscles; this allows for greater speed and power and for a longer stride. Some horses with high croups and straight backs often appear to be swayed. The tendons and check ligament assume an excess load so the horse is at risk for strain.

Elbows are too close to the body and twist the leg. Thus it is not advantageous for flat racing, polo, eventing, jumping, steeplechase, and harness racing. The shoulder blades should be much closer together at their tops, toward their withers, than at the points of shoulders where the front legs attach.

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