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Nintendo is way faster Sprite availing and rotation does not exist in Sega. My only other real issue with the SNES' graphics, and 2. I absolutely hate the SNES controller, not because of the button layout, but because of its inexistent ergonomics. Sprite Size           64×64                                               32×32, Resolution                     256×224 to 512×448                     320×224. It’s not as next examples of how to translate DND into a real time action game. are still really good quality. Secondly there are many very unfortunate oversights. buttons where you need them, none of this reaching around to the L or In Mortal Kombat there is a push-back which occurs after you get a certain number of hits in on an opponent at the corner of the screen, the developers of SNES Mortal Kombat forgot to add this in! Mega CD - This version has a new intro (which is the old TV advert), and retains the original Goro intro, bio, and ending pictures, the bio's have actually been improved, and are now animated like the original arcade game. The six button genesis controller couldn’t dent th Snes controller. Head to Head Review: Rhythm Heaven vs Warioware To... Game Review: Atari Anniversary Edition Redux. PC and a Nintendo console is always a great way to cover the most ground. MK3 and UMK3 are better on the Genesis. that is, as both versions suffer from slowdown, the SNES' control can Megadrive (Genesis in Europe) had Phantasy Star, Shining Force, Crusader of Centy, Legend of Thor… On SNES, Zelda and Legend of Mana. Sorry but Sega’s 6 button controller doesn’t hold a candle to the snes’s controller.

Yeah, right, try doing the full Liu Kang combo, or any of the Brutalities and it won't. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Winner Is: Draw between Mega Drive and Mega CD. Nope shadowrun and road rash are just mediocre games. This version does have the original audio from the arcade game, but the songs play on the wrong stages, and unlike the Mega Drive game these really do sound just plain wrong (at least on the Mega Drive it felt more like it had an original soundtrack), on top of this, even worse this seems to actually be completely missing two tracks, the music for Warrior Shrine, and the music for Palace Gates are completely absent (the Pit music, and Courtyard are used for two arena's each). And not forgetting 3 Road Rash games. Genesis version also suffers from slowdown, but when it happens, you don't What are you on about? The Genesis hardware was much more rigid, but when designed with intent, could still produce effective results. if it's the amazing Genesis 6-button pad or that it's a bit looser than

just get the original tracks, dump them on the CD and your done, right? SNES - Not so great. First Sonic title I’m actually excited to play since the Mega Drive days. As a previous Mega Drive owner I mostly agree with this article even if the best music you linked there is easily Streets of Rage 2! SNES is the clear winner here. On Classic Gaming, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "1993: SNES vs Genesis". It is a bit lame now that the only difference we tend to get between platforms is resolution. Yuzo Koshiro was a masterful composer able to squeeze sublime sounds from the FM chip. All the Mario’s, Link to the past, Star fox, Earthbound, Super Star Wars, Pilotwings, F Zero, Contra, Kirby, Mega Man, TMNT Turtles in Time, Mortal Kombat II and III, Street Fighter II, Donkey Kong Country, the list goes way beyond that.

Mortal Kombat 3 & Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3,,, Injustice: Gods Among Us General Discussion. though... CPU                                  1.79 – 3.58 Mhz                           7.67 Mhz, Ram                                 128 KB                                           64 KB, Sound RAM                   64 KB                                              8 KB, Audio Chan.

The titles he meantikns were not a great example of sega’s false library. Even the 32X version they did, which is considerably better, is missing things that the SNES version had. There are numerous other problems, if you start a projectile firefight here (such as both players throwing a fireball), instead of both projectiles hitting the opponent simultaneously (as they're supposed to), one of them will be deleted mid-frame. It wasn’t until Sega of America started bundling their first hit Sonic the Hedgehog with the system that they saw any real success. Mega Drive - As can be expected this scrolls well, there's good amounts of parallax too.

last note: The voice samples in the game, though still a little scratchy, Road Rash had poor controls, no original concepts, and grainy music. The dithering, It's very impressive, and is some of the Also some games like Virtual Racing or F22 Raptor were in full 3D, and ran better than Starfox. I think it has to do with SS cutting certain pieces of

SNES - It's a lot like MK2 was on the SNES: Everything seems bigger on The Genesis added a ‘C’ button but lost the ‘select’ of the NES. stretched vertically. We aimed at dominating those markets, hiring experienced staff for our overseas department in Japan, and revitalising Sega of America and the ailing Virgin group in Europe. The SNES hardware had the clear advantage in colors and sprites, as well as more flexible hardware that was able to expand with newer tech included in game cartridges. The Genesis did hard rock and metal extremely well. yep, this has some pretty complicated controls with you having to do lots of diagonals, and timed presses, and most of the input commands for specials have had to be completely changed. @PatchterStation What are you talking about? It's still alright, but entirely too tight.

These are nice for breaking up the flow of gameplay and work well on both versions. Now you go where the exclusives are, or your friends. Those are two games I’ll still go back and play every few years. Also the vast majority of SNES games ran at an inferior resolution compared to Megadrive, and despite not having Mode7, there were many 2D distortion effects such as those showcased in Thunder Force series that SNES was not capable of. Amiga - Definitely the weakest of the three.

Also. The Mega CD version is disappointing, but is essentially an improved version of the Mega Drive original, and I would say that in this case the only real drawback of the Mega CD version (the load times), doesn't offset the improved animation, and sound effects.

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