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Now you can. I only had 17k power and was able to 3-star using Merlin Sam, Chauffeur Porky, Pepe Le Bard, and Photograph Sylvester.

Welcome to Looney Toons: World of Mayhem!

Once Granny is gone, take out Photograph Sylvester, then barber bugs and Officer Hector should have around 20+ DOT and speed downs, making them easy to take down. This team has multiple forms of both heavy single target and multiple target damage as well as a few handy debuffs including plenty of Damage Over Time.

On top of that, he starts your entire team off with 2-3 stacks of speed buffs for 3 turns. For example, Penelope isn't anything special on her own most of the time but is a very good counterpick to Foghorn Leghorn + Daffy Duck defense teams, which almost every player runs in the disintegrator league. When hidden, Scarlet also deals a fair amount of damage to single targets. Q: The brawl bots are getting too strong for me to steal crates.

This time you decide.

This section is now outdated - refer to The Complete Experts' Guide for a current list of the best and worst toons in the game.

And incidentally, you'll also have to face off against other cartoon characters in turn-based battles. When enemies start to fall, Gridiron also gains turn meter to finish off the job and secure the win.

Is it rabbit season or duck season? Culver City, CA For the other attacker, Scarlet Pumpernickel is an especially effective choice as. If you're new to the game, there's a lot to take in at first. Header Image. Note that this list is not up to date, and that a tier list of which toons are worth investing in for the endgame can be found in The Complete Experts' Guide. A: is the official server with hundreds of players.

Being a common, he has pitifully low base stats which make him an easy target without toons that can protect him.

In the past it has included very different selections of toons, with a few big changes over the last 6 months especially. Currently using Gridiron Gossamer Pepe le Bard, Photographer Sylvester and Merlin Sam with a total power of 11182 and I can defeat only one toon before I get fucked. On top of all of that, she heals her allies by 30% when they gain hidden or taunt, allowing her to work extremely well with defenders and Scarlet Pumpernickel.

If you need materials or exp potions, don't use your gems buying them in the store.

Bring a single toon into battle and lose battles until the bots are easy enough again, it'll help you get materials to defeat more difficult opponents in the long run. Foghorn Leghorn is tanky enough to not be defeated in a single round, buying time to defeat the enemy attackers while the supporter heals Foghorn back up or buffs the team for when his taunt ends.

Ralph also speeds up this otherwise slow team with his Celerity ability, which also provides hidden to the supporter if they are in danger of being eliminated such as when an enemy Daffy Duck has his special charged. While he can't taunt on the first turn, he is able to immediately buff his whole team's defense significantly to keep them alive. Buy at least one reatomizer to finish off your daily goals. If you own any of these, you'll probably wish you didn't.

As you progress through the game you'll find that there's different versions of each character such as skout granny, cowgirl granny, original granny, etc. Jester Bugs or Picador Sylvester Jr. are fine alternatives thanks to their synergy with Matador Bugs. Need a higher tuned RR to keep the DoT off me. Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem- Speed Over Defense - YouTube Once Granny is gone, take out Photograph Sylvester, then barber bugs and Officer Hector should have around 20+ DOT and speed downs, ... Subreddit for all things Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem, the newest RPG by Scopely.

The game was in beta for about a year, but there were very few players since it wasn't advertised at all and was only open to a small handful of countries. Jester Bugs’ “Jangle the Bells”, Showbiz Daffy’s very damaging “Fowlbulous” and Flamenco Prissy’s very own “Falseta Picante” which will also Silence the rest of the enemy team. Collect cartoon characters like Tweety Bird, Taz, Road Runner and more to wage wacky battles in a vibrant Looney Tunes™ World. This team just so happens to come equipped with three Stuns. I took out Hector and put in GridGoss. Anyone have any spare Avalooney materials?

The chapter for these depends on which toons you need houses for; a toon in the farm chapter will need materials from the farm chapter's battles.

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