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People came out and their cars were all wet. He lost that facade of the tough guy,' said Kitty to That story got coverage all over.

In those days, it was Phoenix to Chicago on an emergency type thing — $767 –round trip.

Things got worse when the responding officer that was known for his bad reputation, used excessive force while arresting the drunk passenger in the stopped vehicle – beating the man within an inch of his life with a flashlight. I want to do this in memory of your son.”, Ralph Milstead, head of DPS, calls me one day and said, “Frank, I know what you’re doing. It was about 180 miles to Kewanee. They talked to our commanders.

Just as I look ahead, he rolls his truck and another drunk driver pulls right in front of me and I hit him broadside at 80. These are wish kids waiting on me. Actors Andrew Steele and Kirby Blanton (left) stand next to the real Kitty Carlisle and Frank Shankwitz It was while recovering from the accident that Frank met his current wife, Kitty Carlisle. He died a few days later.

It’s not something I ever strove for. Chris' dream was to be a motorcycle officer and the station commissioned him a set of 'wings' - the silver insignia that all motorcycle cops wear pinned to their uniform. If it takes you 15-16 hours, 20 hours, you’re gonna be out there and maintain those high arrest records you have.”. It was a nice, sunny day in Phoenix. An off-duty emergency room nurse out of California that heard the wreck and came running. He’s giggling a little bit.

For two years I drove around, looking for locations for a scene. I thought, with all this distraction with Make-A-Wish, and everything he's done to help kids around the world – this is really what shaped the man. What drove you to believe in giving back? One of the touching moments I have from Make-A-Wish with children is in the book.

He was going through manhood training at the Catholic Church so he wasn’t supposed to show a lot of emotion. But I need one dollar, so she gave me a dollar, and that was my fee.”. I get in line to eat, and they say, “No, no you sit down,” and they bring me my food, they bring me iced tea. Shankwitz remembers looking over at Chris' mother crying, 'I couldn't understand why at first. “Well, of course you can.” Then he gets on a motorcycle. Frank Shankwitz Sr., never gave up looking for his son; and when little Frank was 10-years-old, his father finally tracked them down but before he had a chance to take back his son; Lorraine went on the run.

He also taught me a work ethic.

When we started the foundation; it was for children with terminal illnesses. You don't have to worry about meals anymore. It was a very much 'not like' relationship. First President and Co-founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation. When asked if he wanted to discuss the claims, Shankwitz said: 'No. He heard me speak at an event and said, “The audience is in tears.” He said, “Look at your standing ovation.” He said, “We don’t have speakers that get that type of standing ovation, plus you’re not selling anything, except a message.”.

“Frank, we’re going to take you and a lot of wish kids to this special, private beach.” So we go to this beach. Helping people has been the fabric of Frank's life since he was young.

That just stuck with me. Frank Shankwitz: The whole crew, the whole group is crying.

His charmed childhood would come to an abrupt halt when his mother came back into his life, plucking him off the playground of his Kindergarten school. “We want you to lead a full procession of motorcycles and squad cars to Chris’ neighborhood to present him his uniform. I said I don’t usually talk about it but … and that’s what ended up in the movie. When I said we’d like to get some free tickets it was click … click … I finally went to Frank and said, “I don’t know what else to say or do, they won’t talk to me.”, Frank Shankwitz: I said give me the numbers and I’ll call.

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