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Kenyan Sand Boa Handling.

Adults are prone to obesity because of their stout shape so should only be fed one mouse every 10 – 14 days. Sand Boas have small eyes to help stop sand from damaging their eyes and nostrils to help them breathe freely when waiting in burrows. Baby Kenyan Sand Boas are born alive but this can be misleading. The hot side of the tank should have a basking temperature of 90 – 95°F.

Adult male Kenyan sand boas will accept a large hopper mouse, and an adult female Kenyan sand boa can handle a jumbo-sized mouse. This snake remains small in size for their entire lifespan. You will then need Read More →, California Kingsnakes are one of the most popular pet snakes. This morph lives up to its name and really does resemble the pattern of a calico cat. Top 10 Slender Glass Lizard Facts – The Lizard With No Legs?

The Afrotropical region of north-eastern Africa has a warm climate that should be replicated for this snake in their habitat for proper metabolism.

These different habitats can all provide a healthy environment for Boas as long as the substrate is loose.

They are docile, easy to care for and cheap.

It is not intended to constitute veterinary advice.

Everything Reptiles’ articles, care guides, videos and podcasts are intended to be used for a general nature only.

The Kenyan sand boa is appealing to many keepers because of its minimal space requirements. When hunting they will emerge slightly and wait for passing prey. The Kenyan Sand Boa (Eryx colubrinus) is a small burrowing snake native to north-eastern Africa. Source. Maintaining consistent husbandry practices will help to keep your pet Boa healthy and active. Many owners love Boas for their unique appearance – especially their small facial features. Thanks for reading! Your email address will not be published. Females reach at least that long though many are closer to 30 inches in length. Kenyan Sand Boas have unique patterns with bright base colors and rich spots. We have a nice selection of sand boa morphs to choose from with overnight shipping and our live arrival guarante! A light plastic water dish will be easily pushed over, possibly fouling the environment. Darren Boyd is a professional musician, herpetoculturist, and all-around troublemaker. The shelves must be tightly fitted with little room above the top of the individual container, because Kenyan sand boas can easily push the lid off of a plastic container. A few Kenyan sand boa specimens I have encountered were feistier than normal, though they tried to squirm away rather than actually bite. However, after they reach two years you should replace this smaller tank for a larger 20-gallon (males) or 30-gallon (females) as Sand Boas need plenty of space to burrow and forage. The water bowl should be cleaned and refilled daily. And last, but not least on our list of Kenyan sand boa morphs is the morph with three different morphs mixed in – albino, paradox, and stripe. If the snake doesn’t strike leave the mouse in a clean area for up to two hours. Kenyan Sand Boas need an ambient temperature range of 75 – 80°F at all times. Females will not reach maturity until they are over two feet long which can take three years. You should wait five days before attempting to handle. Dangle the mouse around the opening to your snake’s burrow using feeding tongs. Both of these behaviors should be encouraged in captivity. Kenyan sand boas are terrestrial creatures that prefer to spend most of their time underground. It is fascinating to watch them ambush prey. Decorative branches can be a nice touch, but they are not necessary.

A drop to the mid-70s at night is acceptable. Let us know in the comments below.

plants, bark, rocks) to the enclosure will help your snake shed and feel secure.

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