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A grinning Peters then had some final words for his questioner. To my surprise, the writer believes Marxism is relevant to medicine in the 21st century and provides good reasons for his belief. “The WAI Wānaka Jobs for Nature project will provide much-needed work for those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19,” said Mr O’Connor. Could be the beginning of the end of speculation on rural land. +1 brilliant link. Project a magnificent skyscraper being built on quicksands: while men are struggling upward to add the hundredth and two-hundredth stories, the tenth and twentieth are vanishing, sucked under by the muck. Born in 1980, she’s really at the tail end of Gen X, as she had already come of age before the new millennium. Comrades means something. Horton said that it was good that marxist ideas are debated. A farmer and an aussie newspaper called her that so she’s a commie. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is being used as a poster-child for Marxist ideas in a prestigious British medical journal. At first glance neither one appears to have much experience or background in the portfolios that they are now responsible for, but Mahuta is the ... Oaklandsocialist interviewed Joe Burns, author of Reviving the Strike and Strike Back.

This isn't about anti-Semitism. Get out and enjoy yourself. JS. I should have been more explicit through use of the word ‘own’. Mind you, they are even more avaricious than is our Rupert. [4], Note that, for Marcel, ontological exigence is not merely a “wish” for being or coherence, but is an “interior urge” or “appeal.” “Otherwise stated, the [ontological] exigence is not reducible to some psychological state, mood, or attitude a person has; it is rather a movement of the human spirit that is inseparable from being human” (Keen 1984, p. 105). The space news this week is largely focused on an announcement from NASA regarding the discovery of water on the Moon. It is just a way to be able to claim that they are keeping the poor old pensioner from getting cold in an incredibly inefficient way. Take a break from Kiwiblog and Fox news and Breitbart and actually study your Bible. Your imagination is running away with you. That, if they are not readily understood by vastly more people soon, this nation is totally … That guy in the image could be called Crafar. I think Bryan Gould’s has two articles from October that cover this (and more!) Ian is too busy poisoning New Zealand waterways in the name of personal profit. During the election campaign, Morrinsville farmer Craig Sinclair protested against Labour's proposed water tax with a sign that called Ardern a "pretty communist". Your comment starts by suggesting people just send the portion of their pension they don’t require back to the government and ends with the reasons why they won’t. Corporate media is trying to change our Government at their will, and I think this is equal to foriegn intervention in our democracy and they should be a taken down legally for this. Agree with that. If the world was shrunk down to a total of 100 people current capitalism would not be at all acceptable. It’s just a baseless ad hominem attack, the #dirtypolitics machine is looking desperate. It’s either-or. NZ Herald hasn’t yet realised the bits of food it is so accustomed to are no longer able to survive under the environment they helped create. "More and more people, especially younger generations, believe that economies based only on free markets are not necessarily the best means to deliver fairer or healthier societies," Horton writes. “Jacinda, is she a Marxist? And btw, Phil Goff still frequently uses the word ‘comrade’ at Labour functions. Could NZ’s geothermal resources solve the world’s lithium mining woes? the most obvious was Blinglish telling the country that it was all because of the previous government that we had such great economic strength. The Lancet has been owned since 1991 by the Dutch publisher Elsevier. Record-breaking Cabinet, but will they be able to deliver for Māori? Spot the difference? I know you feel you need to do everything you can to maintain Trumpian level of persecution and paranoia about the MSM and Fake News and bias and the like, but, really, that was a pretty poor effort. If By the time they do see, it’s all ... Good bit of news on the short story front: my 1700 word fantasy piece, Fleeing to the Dawn, has been accepted for the Autumn 2020 edition of Shorts Magazine: This blog post is part 3 of a series of excerpts from, We knew that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement was a moral void: they run concentration camps, and forcibly separate children from their parents. exigency – an urgent need or demand, On Gabriel (Honore) Marcel

We have been working to teach our six-legged friends to become the finest of political reporters. It is actually a Marxist term. I go along with that. They projected the lie that irrigation is evil.

The article concludes with a statement that the Prime Minister’s office declined to make a statement. Which went into a state of paranoia which he milked for all he was worth. Ngā mihi maioha ki a koutou Te Roopu Kakariki, ngā kaitautoko, e aroha ana I te kaupapa mo te taiao me te mokopuna. So many platforms. It’s just a baseless ad hominem attack, the #dirtypolitics machine is looking desperate. They probably think that they’re doing great in getting in an attack in on Ardern and raising the fears of the populace. Nothing to do with this government. Mahuta and Henare – key appointments which show NZ no longer should be regarded as a European outp... An open letter from 1,200 Australian academics on the Djab Wurrung trees, Australia may miss out on several COVID vaccines if it can’t make mRNA ones locally. There’s no better response than to laugh at them. There would be plenty of opportunity for discussion and examples in the USA of how Marxism would be disadvantageous to health there to some people. It won’t be long….

off quite well. The World Must Fathom ‘Trumpism’ – Whatever The Election Result, How NZ Labour Crushed The National Party On Facebook, Contactless and queueless: How Covid-19 has accelerated the future of money, SPCA Warns Of Fireworks’ Detrimental Impact On NZ’s Animals. Think I might change my name for the day …. Try this: loaded questions, such as yours, are often associated with Stalinism. Epidemiologists advise nations not to play “wait and see”. This last week’s podcast featuring Selwyn Manning and I focused on post-election analysis in two small states, one land locked and the other surrounded by water. Pot Landlords will be stoked, they’ll be able to raise rents significantly.”. /sarc. Welcome rain but still need to shift the irrigators to keep the business in profit ,and keep up all the tax payments that keep this great country moving forward. If capitalism’s befuddled, guilt-ridden apologists do not know it, two fully consistent representatives of altruism do know it: Catholicism and communism.”, via, Have you even read the bits where Jesus talks about “love thy neighbour” and “it’s harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom on heaven than a camel to enter the eye of a needle” and “woe to those who do not help the poor, the sick, and the prisoner” etc etc etc. You don’t have to spend it on electricity or anything. All your fancy words mean jack shit to me mate. You will feel a lot better for it. There has been some excitement about the naming of Nanaia Mahuta as Foreign Minister and Peeni Henare as Defense Minister in the new Labour cabinet. This is all of recorded history. Comrades means something. The Lancet refers to Ardern once in an article discussing marxism and that makes her a marxist. The medi needs urgent nod rdical reform. Then “Follow the money trail all the way to the gingerbread house”. Good times are coming folks. Medicinal cannabis users in Victoria could soon be allowed to drive with THC in their system. The USA has been hollowed out by the 1%, but I’m sure the tourist spots were nice. The National party of NZ has very little influence over The unemployment rates in the USA. New Zealanders were asked whether they supported the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill, and whether they supported the End of Life Choice Act 2019 coming into force. PPPs are a disaster because they always cost the taxpayer more in the long term than they do in the short term. – Generally big expansion of welfare, particularly on child welfare Someone used the word ‘I’. Not on the grid still means a person has to grow/gather/find/collect/cut/split/dry/stack and even buy fire wood to heat their home and often their hot water. As far as I know Murdoch has nothing to do with them. Well you are an extremist NewsFlash. (with the notable exception of a few Waikato ferals and a stray right wing commentator or two). And then, within a month, claiming that it was all because of National’s great economic handling. Colonies of ants and bees achieve astounding feats. She is very middle-of-the-road, unfortunately. Which is what we are going to do right now. Edit: no, that’s too subtle for you. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is being used as a poster-child for Marxist ideas in a prestigious British medical journal. When did you become a Stalinist? I don’t believe the Prime Minister’s office should remain silent if this type of absurd claptrap continues. And the job of vested interests is to keep reminding them that any notion they may have of tacking to port would be a very bad idea. The evidence that our Prime Minister wants to socialise the means of production? The less we can export, and the higher the price in foreign currency we can get for those exports the better off we will be. Why waste millions on the application process? There are about 40,000 people over 65 in New Zealand on the same income. Soper has been smearing Jacinda since Day 1′ in partnership with his wife Heather du Plessis Allen. So what's in it? Intellectual giant Leighton Smith was quoted: Newstalk ZB host Leighton Smith made similar observations after watching a speech from 2009 when Ardern headed the International Union of Socialist Youth, where she used the word “comrade” several times. Ian, since you are calling Ardern a Marxist, could you please explain what Marxist means? I for one welcome our communist revolutionaries, and as a centre-left politics nerd I can be useful in rounding up bourgoisie capitalists and neoliberal flunkies for the gulags of the Soviet Republic of Aotearoa. Yes, it’s a beaut idea. The Government is moving to provide further protection against the chance of COVID-19 entering New Zealand through the maritime border.

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