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I luved de role u played in Yi San....very undastanding,determined,loving,compassionate n sweet.kip it up. Lancekie May 24 2020 2:01 pm Given to the kind of story, the people you work with, and even the atmosphere in the set are just few of the things to reconsider. I just watch Padam Padam. a sacrificial love from a younger brother to his older sister despite her being cruel to him for the fact that she wanted her brother to leave her because of the messy life she's in. I admit, i didn t watch any other movie till 2019 because I didn t know where to warch korean movies (I m from Romania). I don't want to point out something, but in the film industry there're so many factors that sometimes affect the result of an actress/ actors act in front of the camera. But your still AWESOME!! She is amazing actress and so cute. hwaiting unni. Maria Silmaro Jun 14 2019 12:49 pm You are a good actress, you have a strong spirit and a kind heart. i'm dying of waiting for her comeback in small screens. sublime. I am sure thousands before me have told you that you and Yoo Chun look very matching together, and from the many photos I have seen, both of you look best, look happiest and most natural with each other when compared with you or Yo Chun taking photos with other lead actors or actresses whom you have acted against. fighting!! Han ji min onni i luv u so much that i wish to set ma eyes on u ur movies are outstanding i mean rooftop prince and yisan those are beautiful indeed in short words u are d best world wide actress i have seen. Just watch her acting in drama Padam Padam.

I only commit watching her dramas & movies. CKW Oct 31 2015 3:34 pm I even use Amazon & Netflix now. Loved you in Yi San hope to see you more, super idol Aug 24 2013 3:01 pm She is famous from her real name: Han Ji-min Height: 5'2''(in feet & inches) 1.5748(m) 157.48(cm) , Birthdate(Birthday): November 5, 1982 , Age as on 2020: 37 Years 10 Months 16 Days Profession: Movies (Actress), Features: Black hair and black eyes, Married: No, Children: No You are a amazing actress and good luck in your career.......... deary Jan 24 2014 7:47 am In your interviews, you are very grateful to your fans/followers that everything you do, say & act in the public & in the stories are all about making us happy. Anybody who hasn't watched a historical Korean Drama should watched "Yi San." But now I find out she has 2 movies coming out this year, so that's good. I normally do not watch Korean TV serial. If only the story was true for you guys, love the love story! //
A May 28 2012 7:53 pm Han Facts: – He was born in Incheon, South Korea. Also is she real ? Ugh, just loved her in it all her work.

Your hardwork in Yi San was soooo good! love And you looked quite beautiful. Han Ji Min is a star in Rooftop Prince, a real unique beauty and true genuine acting. :). She's a very good actress !! If there is any information missing, we will be updating this page soon.


She is so beautiful and pretty and cute and her acting is so amazing. With Miss Baek, The Light in Your Eyes and One Spring Night, Han Ji-min is on a roll! Anonymous Nov 20 2019 1:17 am I love the way she acts.

Raa Dec 23 2009 1:16 am Ahaha jkjk.

She proved me this time that she is a dynamic actress.. i have watched Padam padam but now i want to watch all of her projects.. Me Sep 13 2020 9:15 pm John May 14 2015 9:43 am Height.

Your performance in "rooftop prince" was superb, no wonder you won so many awards for that drama. sera Mar 18 2019 9:53 pm But the most attractive part is the leading couple, that is you and Park Yoo Chun: there is such magical chemistry between the two of you. Bravo! They are quite bold, with intense personalities and feelings that hide underneath their cool exterior. hjmismylove Oct 15 2016 6:45 am You make it worth it watching all these Korean films & dramas. One of a versatile actress in South Korea that I fangirling with after watching Familiar wife. Han Ji-min was born in the middle of Millennials Generation. give her strong undefeated roles. Soniaj May 17 2020 6:43 pm She looks very young and she s very pretty. I love her character in One Spring Night. I is beautiful, toughing .

Altair Jan 19 2017 1:56 am but what i love the most is her acting and her pure Korean beauty in One Spring Night. ', trish Aug 10 2012 2:30 am An absolute gem of a lady.

aquarianegarnet Jun 10 2012 5:22 am hyekyoclara May 02 2012 5:42 am Hi! Cath Apr 23 2017 7:14 am

Ah I wish to see you again in new movie or drama. MsRai Aug 14 2014 4:27 pm Love her in Miss Baek!! I miss watching you so pls come out with a new great tv project soon. lol). Although she didn t have that many lines, her acting with her eyes conqured me. wishin' her all the best. I started to like her when I first watched One Spring Night. :-), GBI Aug 13 2012 11:18 pm =), cutie Jul 13 2012 3:21 pm so cute in BTS with him! Ir was all about the male ego.

Anyone must have loved her even more after watch that drama. Great movie. I never used these company before I am careful about their moral standards. I don't know why but i fell in love with her in Familiar wife i know its not much popular but something in her made me fall in love with her. I watched her in One Spring Night and became her fan ! And it's great that you are venturing out into other characters ( Detective K)... growing and gaining experiences in your acting capabilities.... That's so cool....i think you did justice to the character that you are portraying in Detective K even though i have not catch it yet... but m hoping to watch it soon... You are one of ma fav korean artiste and hope to see more of you on screen and in the theaters.... don't let any gossips bring you down... Azza-Azza fighting... and all the best for tis 2011...!!!! She's witty and charming and a versatile actress. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") She's pretty and has a lovely voice. They both a vesatile actor who can act in every genre. I just hoped that you would be the main female character and he'll be the main male character again. "One Spring Night" has become one of my favorite K dramas.

hope to see her play in a drama with lee dong wook.

There were precisely 470 full moons after her birth to this day. 1556 – Battle at Panipat: Mogollegers beat hindu leader Hemu. Hope you keep the same values in real life. LKB Feb 25 2018 1:24 am Her smile is radiant (pun intended). really looking forward for her to take part in the more incoming drama, joo Nov 10 2018 9:27 pm Wazza Apr 10 2015 9:47 pm During the Eighties, conservative politics and Reaganomics held sway as the Berlin Wall crumbled, new computer technologies emerged and blockbuster movies and MTV reshaped pop culture. @ sera....i strongly agree with you....i always love her in familiar wife, the fatal encounter and plan man....i dont feel like watching her anymore in romance like that of her recent drama. Loved her on "Rooftop Prince"!!! I can't wait to see her new drama. Mary Jan 11 2014 3:56 am I loved loved and loved the chemistry between you and Yoochun.

I could feel what she feels. 6002forever May 25 2012 2:11 am I hope see you in other great drama like as Yi San again.

Your name pronouce ( almost sound like in your language ) and write in Vietnamese  : XUÂN DUNG, I rate you ( Sung Song Yeon and Han Ji Min 4 and 2/3 STARS **** + 2/3 *, Abdul-Rahman Bayong Nov 16 2012 9:06 pm

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