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© 2020 Reader’s Digest Magazines Ltd. - All rights reserved, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), This site uses “cookies” for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. Are you still playing drums for Yes? Love this parody! Well done Oh Canada and Mr Shatner for bringing a bit of humor in to what is actually a very important award.

James Brown, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and countless others have written some pretty iconic, chest-thumping alternates to the American anthem.In fact, it’s become somewhat of a tradition for American artists to write at least one song about their country. Enough said. This song title is descriptive of far too many nights out, wedding parties, sweet sixteens, and bat mitzvahs. An silly song title by a band with a silly name, this tune is surprisingly great. Pedagogical evaluations and study guides are only available to CAMPUS subscribers.

Maybe we’ll even be able to go visit Canada again someday, once Trump is removed from office and a competent president takes charge with an actual federal plan to combat the pandemic — a pandemic that has run amok in the U.S. and forced our neighbors to close their borders to prevent infected Americans from spreading disease. So what? “De do do do, de da da da / that’s all I want to say to you,” sings Sting. This funny song title reminds us that sometimes you just can’t win.

Thanks, NFB, for sharing this priceless and hilarious tribute to Canada. This song advice is up there in importance with “don’t put metal in the microwave,” and “stop, drop, and roll.”.

So what?

“They’re always in the mood for something to munch,” sings Weird Al, “Oh, girls, they wanna have lunch!”. In 2014, the band Vulfpeck had the bright idea of releasing a ten-track album of pure silence on Spotify in order to fund an upcoming tour. Some other great ones include “Iguana be Kidding Me,” and “Ewe Fell for It” from Zootopia. If you want a president who can string a decipherable sentence together and follow a line of thought to its logical conclusion rather than present the results of a series of randomly firing neurons, get out and vote for Joe Biden. My family put their lives on the line, in combat, across the European theatre. Can't wait for the next season of "Bleep My Dad Says" My favorite show on TV -- so funny.

Composer Michael Giacchino is famous for his work on the Toy Story, Up, and the new Jurassic Park soundtracks and he is excellent at making classical compositions into funny songs like this, with just the titles alone. These hilarious yearbook quotes will definitely crack you up.

We’re not sure if rollerskating in a Buffalo Herd is physically impossible, but as this funny song dictates, you certainly shouldn’t do it. A love song without all of the commitment, this tune may be exactly what you’re looking for. The following represent how many people voted for each category. How could anyone think this would be ok. We sincerely hope this band does not start an advice column with this song.

They called it Sleepify. It takes ZERO talent to do that. Couldn't get it to play! This song takes “Jesus, take the wheel” to a whole new level. Veggie Tales has a lot of funny songs that even adults enjoy, but this song is performed by an ensemble of animated, yodeling vegetables. In a new age, this song sounds slightly sadder than it is funny. When William Shatner gets a Lifetime Achievement Award from Canada's Governor General, he shows appreciation as only Shatner can. Thank you. Besides the complete misunderstanding of the reasons behind the kneeling protests during the national anthem at sporting events, Trump uses his criticism of a warmed-over controversy that has long been eclipsed by Black Lives Matters marches in cities across the country to launch into a back-handed attack on the NAFTA trade deal that has already been replaced by a new trade agreement that is barely much different than what preceded it. HA! Here is a collection of Canada Day songs that we have accumulated. Barnett sings “I wanna go out, but I wanna stay home,” the anthem of combination introvert/extroverts (otherwise known as ambiverts) across the globe. I think the director should take a lot of credit for egging Bill on the way he did...he was just as funny. OK, so Bryan Adams would only be 10 years old in 1969, but we can’t begrudge the sentiment behind the song. We’re counting down the scariest songs of all time. Costco Pays Well and Soars, While Wal-Mart and Others Pay Peanuts and Sink. Joy Divisions “Unknown Pleasures” album cover has become so ubiquitous in clothing and design trends that it would not be a surprise to find Joy Division oven gloves. Being full of food and totally incompetent at dancing hits a little too close to home for most of us. O Canada; Canadian Folk Songs: Dip, Dip and Swing-- words and music; Land of the Silver Birch-- words and music; They All Call It Canada-- words only Limericks and Poems: There was an Old Man … This song is the lament of a singer who’s fed up with “ditties romantic,” the “stars above,” and “moon songs and June songs.”. Can someone please tell us how long an “mmmbop” is? Bravo. All Rights Reserved. "Beam me up". On Saturday night William Shatner signed my daughter's Star Trek anthology. A country that can laugh at itself shows the world it's confidence in its own national identity.

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