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Total confidence in dealing with them." Scott M  -  June 18, 2019, "Kevin was a pleasure to deal with, he is very fast and informative, his rays are INCREDIBLE! Photos show actual rays available for sale. He was very helpful with all my questions and sold me a beautiful adult male to breed with my female. Knows his stuff. So far so good, ray looking healthy. These guys really have gone above and beyond in this transaction/friendship, both before and after transaction. Add to wishlist. Great shipping and some rare ones at a great price. Stingray and northern thai tiger fish for sale, Copyright © 2005 - 2019 & Affiliate partners |  Contact us [email protected]  | Policy | FAQ, Share with your friends & follow us on facebook, albino black diamond stingray male - CODE510, Albino RED pearl STINGRAY female - CODE508, Copyright © 2005 - 2019 & Affiliate partners |  Contact us [email protected]  |. Will be buying more." 10/10 recommend them. No Problem. Thank you very much.

Thank You so much Kevin!" A rare, recently described species of freshwater ray from the Marowijne (Maroni) River basin on the Suriname/French Guiana border, P. marinae is also known as the Gold Dust Stingray.

Got my platinum red tail cat from them and I can assure you they offer the highest quality animals in the industry. My ray showed up to my door very healthy and not even stressed. Freshwater Stingray. I will definitely be ordering more stingrays from Kevin." It is so healthy and adorable. Flat rate shipping EU, Singapore, Malaysia. Looking for a stingray? I ordered a hybrid stingray. Center for Stingray Biology is the leading freshwater stingray breeder / importer / exporter in the USA. The process has been great every time. ), Gulper Catfish 3" (Asterophysus batrachus), Gold Wolffish 4"-5" (Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus), Gold Wolffish 2"-3" (Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus), Black Wolf Fish 10"-12" (hoplias curupira), Black Wolf Fish 9"-10" (hoplias curupira), Wild Oscars 1.5" (Astronotus ocellatus) Columbian, Violet Line Piranha 5" (Serrasalmus Geryi), African Arowana 4"-4.5" (Heterotis niloticus). Clyde G  -  Sept 12, 2020, I wanted to share a great experience I had with Kevin from Stingray Biology. We breed Black Diamonds, Pearls, Marble Motoro, Boesemani, Galaxy P14, Designer hybrids, Big Spot, Super White Cross, Henlei, and more. We need to prepare your fish for shipping which requires that we stop feeding the fish for minimum 24 hours before shipping. His communication is excellent. Thank you for every Youtube video, I learned from you alot." Thanks again Kevin!"

Kevin is very knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about. Having trouble getting them to eat??? I ordered my stingrays with overnight shipping and UPS delayed the order by one whole day (NOT KEVINS FAULT AT ALL). Super knowledgeable and fast responding. I would recommend them every time. I highly recommend doing business with them." Amanda B  -  June 17, 2019, "Tim was great to work with. With a beautiful, high contrast pattern, this species is rare in the hobby and very sought after. Mike G  -  July 9, 2019, "I love this place. Got a gorgeous stingray from him today shes happy in her new home. Everyone arrived on time and in great condition, they are even eating on the first day. Excellent service as well as quality. Brian S  -  Feb 28th, 2020, "Kevin was great. I would highly recommend." We ship via UPS next day service, Monday thru Thursday.

Their shipping was top notch. Super professional, I would recommend buying from these guys even over locals cause there's less hassle with high quality."

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