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In DCS one needs to include the exported screen as part of DCS (you define the whole two screens as DCS area and define the upper screen as the UI one...its example is in the polaris view mod. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Sep 11, 2013 @ 4:30pm I think DCS has a great future - things are only getting started! I noticed some of the buttons are mapped but not all. Both platforms have clean installers.

I think DCS has a great future - things are only getting started! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The A-10, however, is a much trickier bird to fly and if you can handle it, the F-16 probably won't be a big thing to learn. So those other planes will still handle more like an F-16 than their real-world counterpart. At first, I was shocked how anyone could enjoy it. I would imagine that DCS is probably easier if you have steam, and on top of that configuring BMS is a lot more difficult. Not anymore it isn't. Cookies help us deliver our Services. IMO the BMS keyboard setup is unusably bad.

The dynamic campaign in BMS is amazing.

Like the F-18 or the F-15 or Harrier?

10GB download wow. Is it the better choice of the two vs DCS?

I'm not a fan of long complicated setups but the Falcon 4/BMS 4.33 looks awesome. Very similar levels of complexity between the two. The cool part is that both simulators are free, to get the study-sim planes in DCS, you have to buy them. For all those who love to fly the virtual skies. It's more daunting than the DCS modules, because of the multirole nature of the viper, but it will offer a lot that DCS simply doesn't have at the moment. Falcon 4.0 is available for sale from in the Falcon Collection. Despite the new planes added to BMS, BMS is first and foremost the F-16 flight simulator. Trying to set up for falcon is a pain. The more buttons and controls you have access to, the easier it can be to control the plane, but people do use the Logitech 3D Pro, so don't worry about that. Falcon is now available at for $10 (maybe on sale for even less right now. If you choose to knock out an airstrip instead of a bridge, the flow of the campaign will shift and you will face different kinds of challenges.

I have a logiteck extreme 3d pro stick. There are lots of videos out there that help to show you how. Is BMS more complex than DCS? I was initially looking at DCS with the A-10C but I do like the additional aircraft that BMS makes available. For most of us, BMS is just a killer F-16C sim. You do have to setup the controls, and that can be daunting for a new user, but there are guides available on the forums and in the game directory.

The following information is valid as of BMS 4.32 Update 7. They are both really great simulations but ground attack is a bit lacking in BMS... not to say its impossible or bad its just not quite as high fidelity as DCS is in that regard. They complement each other very well.

Falcon BMS is a free modification for Falcon 4 that takes the game to DCS levels of systems modeling. BMS is just DCS: F-16, essentially. It also has the GLORIOUS DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN SYSTEM and proper mission planning and fragging which elevates the game a bit above DCS in my opinion. Let me preface my statement with this: BMS is fucking awesome, and completely and totally worth it. As far as BMS vs. DCS, DCS is the newer simulation platform with a number of high fidelity planes and helicopters to use.

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