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Due to his background and experience, he is a highly credible source on the subject. The Pandemrix vaccine caused severe, life-long, adverse neurological reactions, including narcolepsy and cataplexy (the sudden, brief loss of voluntary muscle tone triggered by strong emotions), in at least 1,300 children across Europe. “yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered.”- Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. No, NATO or any other Alliance, or non-Alliance country, non-Allied countries have any sort of technology that can perform the way these Tic Tacs were found to be performing…. Will see to it now. We post important content to Telegram daily so we don't have to rely on Facebook. . The declaration of H1N1 as a pandemic launched $18 billion worth of “dormant” flu vaccine contracts, and allowed GSK to push its vaccine, Pandemrix, onto countries all over the world. Dr. Davis DOES NOT believe in Extraterrestrials. A group of Canadian doctors in the province of Ontario have come together and written an open letter to Ontario premier Doug Ford. Implementation of the current draconian measures that so extremely restrict fundamental rights can only be justified if there is reason to fear that a truly, exceptionally dangerous virus is threatening us. Navigating the UFO topic, and deciphering between credible information and misinformation can be difficult. Senator Marco Rubio was informed about the classified briefing given by Dr. Davis to staffers from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which Rubio currently heads. Eric Davis talking about UFO crashes and bodies. Many governments based their COVID-19 prevention policies, including border closures and lockdowns, on computer models designed by Ferguson and his team at Oxford, despite the exponential inaccuracies of the model he had provided during the H1N1 pandemic. For example, in the Great Barrington Declaration states the following: “Covid-19 is less dangerous than many other harms, including influenza. The expansion and evolution of consciousness is vital, and the reality that we are not alone and have likely been visited many times is truly a global paradigm-shifting reality. As expected, Dr. Davis did not disappoint. It may appear as a majority opinion given the fact that mainstream media constantly beams out this narrative, while ignoring and ridiculing anyone who claims the opposite. The topic, as I’ve said many times, leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. Again, these perspectives receives\ nothing but ridicule from the mainstream media. Hopefully, these revelations will inspire the public to revisit the events that occured. Three weeks ago I published an article about “The Great Barrington Declaration.” At the time of publication, the declaration had approximately 34,000 signatures from doctors & scientists from around the world opposing lockdown measures as a way to combat COVID-19, something the declaration describes as less dangerous than influenza. Dr. Davis is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Directed Energy Professional Society, SPIE, American Astronomical Society, and Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

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