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In line with the Senior School, the Junior School is academically selective. (These 2 hotels are directly opposite each other.) Staff Senior. In February 1944 it was badly damaged by bombs, along with the Orchard. A world class education within your budget: State and independent schools must meet as equals, From Stem to Steam: let’s put the arts into education, A good teacher stays with you for decades, Debating can save us from ‘short-termist democracy’, Young people need to be more than the sum of their CVs, Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. In This Section.

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Bomb damage caused temporary closure of The Orchard in 1944; however, the house was re-opened soon after. The Orchard has since been home to thirteen housemasters and many boys, with an extension to the original building added in 2003 and a major redevelopment in 2017.

The Master's Welcome. Head down to Dulwich College! In the early 1940s, as war raged in Europe, Ivyholme became home to students of the School of Oriental and African Studies, who were going through a crash course in languages, sponsored by the Home Office.

Listen to Dulwich College pupils and staff talk about what Black History Month means to them. It wasn’t until 1979 that Blew House became solely occupied by Senior Boarders. Photos of Dulwich College and a great range hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts near Dulwich College, London. Indeed the only damage caused was to the roof after a V1 bomb fell on the College in July 1944. The House was opened by the Earl of Harewood in 1932 and during these pre-war years housed around 32 boarders (paying a grand total of £135 per annum each!). Junior. Find the same room for less and we will refund you twice the difference! What's On. Nearby Brockwell Park has a walled flower garden, charming clock tower, sports pitches and lido, one of London’s few remaining outdoor pools. Click here for full list of over 329 London accommodations. In this section you will find contact details for Dulwich College academic staff, including those who work in the Junior School and DUCKS. It did not get off to a great start, never being filled prior to World War 2.

[email protected], Ivyholme Housemaster [email protected], English as an Additional Language Guide 2020-2021, Principles and Practice of Boarding at Dulwich College. The College purchased Old Blew House in 2004 and converted it into student and staff accommodation. The property dates back to 1608 and during the last 400 years, various extensions and alterations have taken place.

The first known housemaster was E.D. William attended the College, still in its old premises, where he was very prominent as a 1st XI cricketer and athlete before becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

For details of Senior Staff and Governors, please see the relevant pages.

On our Contact page you will find College telephone, email and location details. Until the late 1980s Ivyholme was a Middle School boarding house, while the boys would move across to Blew House when they reached the age of 16.

[email protected], Blew Housemaster Admissions and Applications start now. Dulwich College Suzhou has some of the greatest. Published articles by the Master. Both houses now are exclusively for senior boarders, from Years 12 and 13, and as such they provide a stepping stone for university accommodation, with their single rooms and the focus on independent living. Charles Barry Junior was the son of Sir Charles Barry, architect of the houses of Parliament. The property dates back to 1608 and during the last 400 years, various extensions and alterations have taken place. You can also hire tandem bikes for a romantic tour of the park. For information about how to hire Dulwich College facilities: The first named tenant of ‘Houlgate’, the original name of The Orchard, was William Dryland who oversaw the build in 1884. The work we have completed in recent years as enhanced this beautiful building, arguable one of London’s most handsome houses, and it is a stunning place to live. However, Blew House was the only boarding house to remain open to boys throughout the war. However, The Orchard is quite unlike the style of many of his other buildings, which may be explained by the fact that this was designed towards the latter end of his career. Dulwich College International counts eight International Schools and two International High School Programmes in Asia. Conference delegates are responsible for booking their own accommodation in Shanghai. Read More. Family of international schools and colleges. Read More about Spanish National Culture(s) Latest News.

Staff Lists 2020-2021 . Introduction The Junior School accommodates around 215 boys from Years 3 to 6 in bright, purpose-built accommodation on the Dulwich College campus. Although ‘the Link’ physically joins the houses, rivalry between the two remains rife, and recently the Gordon Bowl trophy has been reintroduced, covering a range of inter-house competitions, both sporting and otherwise. OAs take off with medical drone 20 October, 2020. It is believed that The Orchard (as it was known from 1895) was designed by Charles Barry Junior, the architect of our very fine College buildings.

Spanish National Culture(s) Tuesday 24 November 2020. Old Blew is one of the most historic houses in Dulwich and is set within stunning grounds. Old Blew and The Orchard Housemaster Click to meet them. Visit our school websites to learn about our outstanding academic results. OAs Hammad Jeilani and Christopher Law are trialling a project to courier Covid-19 samples, blood tests …

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