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I then used a wet towel to protect the fabric while welding the steel in place. I will thinking about a version 2.0 that can transferred to any such chair as I wear them out and maybe commercialize it. You are right, this is right down my alley. Any setup that discourages frequent changes of position is probably a really bad idea. Anti-Gravity Workstation (with Standing Option): The human body was not designed to spend 8 hours a day sitting with our hands on a mouse and keyboard. Stereo speakers and base shakers allowed for further immersion. I had initially inserted a bamboo skewer to keep the board at an angle, but I ended up just using some document clips to hold the screen in place for now. I might incorperate this for my gaming rig :D. Sure, this could help a bit, but I suspect you are better off choosing the projector wisely (more options are coming shortly). Actually I think I can do better in terms of portability, usability and cost. Some years ago, a coworker welded together an elaborate contraption with counter-balanced weights to allow him to easily work at the computer from a reclining position without back pain. Basically forever. haha. I drilled a hole about 3 inches from the end of each pole and inserted them in the supports. Qumi Q8, which is 1080p (same as most laptops these days). This is at the expense of squareness. I also made some indentations for my forearms. This means that any significant typing is done close to the "upright" position, which is still more laid back than any office chair I have been in. I like what you did here; it's something I've considered doing myself, but never got around to (plus, there's things I do that I have to have a real desk for, unfortunately). Actually this newest generation of small projectors give off way less heat (bulb is good for 30,000 hours). Reply I simply mounted this projector onto the back of a outdoor lounge chair constructed light screen up front and: BINGO we have a fully reclining workstation. Ergoquest and Altwork are some of the commercialized options available; these will set you back $5,000 to $10,000 USD which is beyond my budget. A: This is a very relevant question, and points of concern as I was building. My big head is always leaning on the chair.

The dome solution might be a more comfortable solution. Thanks for the comment. I then drilled two holes perpendicular to the first two that are perpendicular to the first two and very near the end. Thanks for the comment. More than half of office workers will be affected by some form of back pain due to the imposed posture of traditional office furniture.

People who used the system reported that after a while, you felt disconnected from your body - a "free floating head" vantage point. Maybe another DIY project for the future! I have tried a standing desk, but I get a separate pain in my lower back from this position. I have been considering another version that could be easily adapted to any lounging chair (no welding required for installation). I bent it backwards to gain a few inches of throw distance, with about 8 inches horizontal length. 2 x 4 feet long peices of bamboo, or pvc, or carbon fiber tubing (light and stiff), Computer, wireless mouse and keyboard. The screen follows me. It was called the "Flogiston Flostation" - it was designed as a virtual reality platform. So the quest was to create a lounging workstation that could also be used as a standing desk for a fraction of the price. It is easy enough to transition to standing, but it gives me pain in the lower back so I don't. He said it's made a huge difference, and if he has a flare-up now, he recovers much faster. Be sure to take some time to get this right given your projector and mount setup (it helps to have a some extra hands here). Here's what I did... Update: I can no longer recommend this specific solution, at all, because the chair arm is not a good ergonomic position for the mouse pad. The solution I found is only really recently practical due to new video projectors that have are sufficiently light and high resolution. This is accomplished by carefully positioning the pin with respect to the notch in the angle bar. A: I rarely use the standing capability. Happy new year. The beauty of this design is that the head, projector and screen are in a fixed geometry, so that any adjustment is instant. 2 years ago. To mount the projector to the chair, I used a bent piece of flat steel. I considered different materials for this component, and may go higher tech for the next version (foam board covered in carbon fiber) but I ended up using pine shelving. Maybe using the hack of half bowl/cups to project laptop sound could be applied to direct the fan noise away. I wanted to have the bamboo poles seated onto two angled steel bars, cantilevered in such a way that the screen can swing up and out of the way for entry and exit. I did not cut the length of the bamboo till I tested the optimal screen distance. How I Built My Diy Adjustable Reclining Desk With Standing Ergoquest Zero Gravity Chairs And Workstations How I Built My Diy Adjustable Reclining Desk With Standing The Ultimate Computer Workstation Computer imagery was projected on the outside of a "dome" that went over your head.

It is all about the marketting. The dip angle (verticality) was not that critical in the end because you can play around with the attachment of the screen at a later step. which projector did you use, do you have any problem reading fine print from the computer or eye strain with it and what is the bulb life?

Share it with us! * I am not an ergonomics expert and cannot certify that this system will be safe to use for all people. A: Admittedly, you would have to spend 10 minutes explaining to everyone that walks by your cubicle. I didn't overly trim the vertical extent of the board, to give more flexibility to the position of the projection.

I don't think you could homebrew it either - you'd need to make a custom and large vacu-form system, then figure out how to do the back-projection process; I doubt that it's as simple as "frosting" the surface (say with using a sand or bead blaster or similar) - but maybe it is? For that matter, you might be able to get away with your current system doing this; if you went with a higher-res projector (4k) and software-based warping using custom shaders (again, like is done for HMDs - not for individual eyes, but singular) - it would probably (maybe?) I can mouse in the laid back position no problem. The laser projector had a strange resolution MP-CL1A: 1920/720 which made text blurry, and there was a "sparkle" that was rather distracting.

The optics on the projector are not great at such a close distance, so I have offset the screen to keep the whole image in focus. I simply cut the foam board to size then cut holes near where the poles hit the board.

I considered many different materials before settling on bamboo to support the screen.

For this project you will need the following items: You will also need some tools for this project. Attach your computer monitor to an articulated monitor arm. Did you make this project? To locate the holes on the base of the tray, I colored the top of the dowels with a pencil then carefully placed the tray to leave a faint trace where I need to drill corresponding dowel holes. On those other days that I am at a traditional desk in the office, I miss my anti-gravity workstation. How to Turn a Zero-Gravity Recliner into a Workstation for Reduced Back Pain. Thanks for the comment. Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. ",,, The human body was not designed to spend 8 hours a day sitting with our hands on a mouse and keyboard. i learned about spherical projection systems with my attempt at a heliostat. I am somewhat a VR pioneer of sort as well. I don't need brightness (in my face!) There is nothing like reviewing a report while lying comfortably back; almost like you were at the beach! Again: "The best position is the next position. It is difficult to type while laying down given how the keyboard is flat, I can type pretty accurately, but I still have to look down for special characters. Something to play with, I guess. I wonder how the expensive 4K projectors do? The bulb will last 30,000 hours, so 18 years at 8 hours a day on workdays. I've often thought about how a setup like that would be great. But for some people, this could mean the difference between working comfortably or not at all. I figured that if we could lighten the load from the screen then I could significantly simplify the design. Are you looking for Trends For Diy Zero Gravity Chair Plans?Yes you are on the right website, because at, you will find lots of inspirations, ideas and information about Trends For Diy Zero Gravity Chair Plans.Many ideas that you can apply, but you need to pay attention, not all ideas will be suitable for your condition. work. Then add on top of that whatever is needed to make it work for rear projection, to have such a "one-off" made would probably blow any normal budget. I am mulling a second version, but in the meantime this is fully functional. I know you could get a different lens for the projector for shorter throw, but I don’t think that would solve the resolution problem. I already have ideas for V2 (see the last step). Another future adaptation would be to use a single arm (carbon fiber or steel tubing); although this might make the screen a little more unstable. IIRC, the image from the projector was "spherically warped" by a lens (or maybe pre-computed - similar to the barrel warping done for current VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, or old ones like the LEEP system), so that it would flatten out by the curvature of the projection dome. The combination of price, stiffness and lightness make bamboo great building material, and well suited to this project. Unlike many of my projects that end up in my reject pile, I use this almost every day for many hours (I am using it NOW) and fully expect to continue using it or an upgraded version. If you google it, this is the chair the comes up... About: A lowly geologist who likes to build stuff. I am using this setup almost everyday since construction. I spent significant time trying to figure out the optimal position and angle (dip and azimuth) for these. However, the angle in the horizontal direction, or how far apart the supports are splayed play a key given the throw of the projector and distance to the screen. Some years ago, a coworker welded together an elaborate contraption with counter-balanced weights to allow him to easily work at the computer from a reclining position without back pain. If you can figure out how to make such plastic capable of back projection, then a decent compromise might entail doing something like you are currently doing, but make it wider - some crazy aspect ratio (32:10 or something like that), then "bend" the projection surface into a curve - almost like a personal Cinerama screen. I decided to trim the corners to reduce the overall weight which is substantial. This allowed some more experimentation with distance and angle of the screen. What was wrong with the laser projector? I sawed off the base of the tripod and attached it through the flat steel with a screw (see photos). I even figured out how to use a standing option using this configuration.

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