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Task: Search Cathedral Level 3 for an entrance into King Leoric's Tomb, and enter the Skeleton King's Lair to face him and his army. Reward End: Return to town and take Tavern's Sign back to Ogden. Level 16 comprises four quadrants. Step on the ornate circle to teleport to Lazarus's chamber. Now use the telepad to go to the River of Flame where you'll face Hephasto the Armorer, who upon defeat drops his Hellforge Hammer. Unite to destroy Diablo - up to 4 players can band together via Internet, or play head-to-head via LAN. Upon entering Level 1, the character says, "The sanctity of this place has been fouled". Unlike the original dungeons however, these do not feature any additional quests and only one new unique, Na-Krul, at the bottom of the Crypt. Start: Enter Catacombs Level 5 and return in town to speak with Pepin.

Head back to town, sell stuff, buy stuff, stock up then come back and reacquaint yourself with the Warlord. It's also the first level where there is no quest related to this level. End: After Warmaggot The Mad is defeated, return to town and speak again with Pepin. - Unique amulet Optic Amulet (Normal Difficulty) "the Vile Betrayer." In the center is a teleporter "Down to Diablo.".

Reward The more you can draw out in this fashion, the better it will be for you when you must finally venture into hostile territory. That has the added benefit of not demanding a straight line of sight for the spellcaster, a definite plus when Diablo must see you to evoke his version of the Fireball. Make sure you clear the dungeon level in its entirety before opening the Butcher's room: He'll rush outside to greet you, and you don't want any other traffic in the neighborhood while you make his acquaintance. Task: Search Hell Level 16 for a portal to the Unholy Altar, read the 2 Vile Tomes, return to the telepad and face Archbishop Lazarus. Task: After entering Terror's Domain you have 1 hour to defeat Diablo before he reaches full power. It's also the third and final level (after Level 1 and Level 11) where there is no quest related to the level. End: When Hazeshifter is defeated. They do have a variety of new monsters though. The Advocates will resist leaving their area, but often that's a good thing: By moving erratically near the doorways, one or two will eventually teleport into the large outer area.

- Unique mace Lightforge (Normal Difficulty) This article will list tips and tricks to help you beat the original Diablo video game on PC—or at least help you get your footing.

After clearing out the level, simply find such a grating-flanked doorway (unobstructed by fallen monsters). Notice that you can draw off the Warlord and then pilfer his treasures; these usually amount to at least one decent suit of armor and some high-end weaponry. Upon leveling in Diablo, a player character gains 5 stat points to distribute among their stats as desired, and a minor Life and Mana boost. The Areas in Diablo I are all accessed from the town of Tristram. Start: Enter Catacombs Level 6, search for a small square enclosure with a nearby stand that holds the Mythical Book, and read it. Leading a line of Lords down one of those hallways, properly emptied ahead of time, can be a very effective way to turn the tables. In DIABLO, you start by choosing your character, warrior, sorcerer or rogue. Couple that with the fact that Diablo's magic attack, unlike other creatures', actually affects your armor's Durability. Spread across all these levels are a total of 16 quests (not spread evenly) and a multitude of unique monsters and bosses such as the iconic Butcher.

Inside there is a chest, open it and pick up the Tavern's Sign. (OR pick up the Golden Elixir from Hell Level 16)

Cloaked riders attacked the caravan and stole the rock, which the blacksmith now covets. The player(s) reaches it after entering the Cathedral through the main entrancy. The following monsters are always found in Level 1 (selection is not randomized): Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Reward The open quadrant area, in the upper portion of the map, is a battle royale. As the Warrior, things can get a little dicey. - OPTIONAL: Rare weapon based on your character. End: After Izual is defeated, return to town and speak again with Gillian. If desired, a character may use it to perform nearly instant leveling to 70 by joining a game of level 70 characters on high difficulty. If you're packing the Stone Curse Spell, the Warlord is no more intimidating than the average Unique. End: When Archbishop Lazarus is defeated. The player(s) reaches Level 12 after from a stairway in Level 11.

Reward You'll find the Butcher in a large room on Level 2. Then again move 1 screen away and return for final speech.

(Telekinesis?) End: When Gharbad the Weak is defeated. Task: After entering Terror's Domain you have 1 hour to defeat Diablo before he reaches full power. Beyond the crack lies a set-piece level of caverns.

You're still in the set piece where you read the teleporting books, so the layout should be familiar. In order to reach the Catacombs, the player must first pass through the Cathedral. Task: Find a Mushroom Patch, take a Black Mushroom and bring it to Adria. 2.1 Dungeon; 2.2 Catacombs; 2.3 Caves; 2.4 Hell. Grief drove Leoric mad, forcing his knights and priest to destroy him. Blow your way into the Soulstone Chamber and face the 3 mages, Astrologer Amarlic, Deadcaller Xuchotl and Bloodmage Aratus. Start: Enter Cathedral Level 2 and return in town to speak with Ogden. Provided the player(s) make kills frequently enough, he/she/they will not be susceptible to swarms of Fallen Ones. - Opens the passage into Terror's Domain (Normal/Nightmare/Hell/Torment Difficulty), Start: Enter Hell Level 16 and go in a portal to the Unholy Altar, open a large chest, pick up the Map of the Stars and take it to Cain. End: Return to town and take the Anvil of Fury back to Griswold. Buff thyself before you go looking for trouble, and bring a club or axe, the better to smash Skeletons with. Start: Speak with Ogden then go at the northern point of town at the Cathedral's entrance and speak with the Wounded Townsman. Level 1 - 5. but it also has really good archaic story telling though audio logs in the form of books. While one might feel confident to stride through without fear, it may be better to fall back when in doubt, and player(s) should make sure to get free healing from Pepin when needed.

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