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For good and for bad, Biernacki was an animal on the job, exhibiting unbridled intensity and aggression and manic-like compulsion in pursuit of his targets. One of the twins, Fredrick, became known for being a top notch military drill sergeant in California. While working the assembly line there, he became friends with a fellow Lee County native named, L.C. Eventually Danny left his job at the welding factory and went to work at a Dearborn-based plant that manufactured automobile carriages. He had no idea that in a matter of a few short years, Colbert and his connections into the local drug world would wind up changing his and his whole family’s entire lives. and Little Joe, that stemmed from a street brawl between the pair of twins and two DPD patrolmen who had made a traffic stop of B.J. Copyright. began tapping Coleman as an alternate source for marijuana if Big Terry Colbert was ever running low and going to him for counsel on business strategy. B.J.’s second arrest came on Labor Day and as a result of a raid of his residence on Gray Street which uncovered nearly 2,000 baby-sized packets of rock cocaine. Larry himself estimated that he most likely robbed over 100 stores in that time period, usually drilling a hole in the ceiling in the middle of the night and clearing out the place before morning.

swallowed his pride and did the work diligently. For a man who would go onto have one of the most memorable careers of any gangster to walk the streets of America in the latter-half of the 20th Century, Larry’s career in the underworld got off to quite an inauspicious start – 15 years of arrests, incarcerations and living on the run as a fugitive with a laundry list of escapes, felonies and frauds perpetrated along the way. It is sad that that is the face of many, many of our young men today. He enrolled at Detroit Kettering High School in the fall and although he would never receive his diploma, he used the school’s job placement office to land employment at a local shoe store where he went to work as a janitor in the afternoons after class. The Chambers Brothers were a criminal organization heavily involved in the distribution of crack cocaine in the city of Detroit, Michigan during the 1980s. Along with his new best friend, Jerry “J-Man’ Gant, Big Terry Colbert’s little brother, B.J. Instead, it would be his baby brother, Billy Joe, a mere 16 years old when he arrived in Michigan in the summer of 1978 and ready to take on the world. in front of his house. They had the intellect to run a business a big business that shows you they had qualifications to do other work, but like the article said it just didn’t pan out. The siblings moved to Memphis, Tennessee while the four brothers became notorious nationally when the Detroit Police Department confiscated video tapes of the brothers counting their laundry baskets full of money, and flaunting their excessive wealth. Very smart young man. Meeting at a Highland Park motel off Woodward to make the transaction, Larry was surprised to find out that the accomplice’s alleged uncle was in fact was an undercover U.S. On September 10, 1984, B.J. Qualified but nobody will hire. The brothers consisted of: B.J., Larry, Willie and Otis Chambers. , at that time hiding out in Arkansas for the past six months, was making major money dealing drugs up in Detroit … The cops could no longer ignore them, Within weeks, by Labor Day in fact, the brothers and their drug organization, found themselves smack dab in the middle of that radar, squarely in the government’s crosshairs.

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