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Das bedeutet viereinhalb von fünf Sternen im Best Service Era Medieval Legends Testbericht auf delamar. ", Marcin Przybyłowicz

Dirk deconstructs a demo track using ERA and shows you how to build new worlds using this unique and exciting library. 2 time EMMY winning composer, The Borgias, Immortals, The Scorpion King 3. Era III Medieval Legends, a collection from a forgotten fantasy world. This library holds the perfect instruments for film- and television soundtracks with historical background, fantasy-games as well as folk-music, medieval-rock and related compositions. Have a look at our step by step tutorial video on YouTube. All reviews are provided through eKomi, Europe’s largest independent customer review company. Solo Instruments, Chris Hein - Horns Vol. Played in pairs, nakers made their way to Europe at the time of the Crusades in the thirteenth century. Chris Mooney. Folk / Ethnic INSTRUMENTS VST Instruments. Albums: Odysseus, Oreflam, Metamorphosis, Fjall d’yr vinur, Canticum in terra, Hortus Dei, Aux portes de Sananda, Domus, Composer / music director, CD Projekt RED, Soundtrack "The Witcher". Though I've barely scratched the surface of this library, I already recommend it highly.

Die Sounds der mittelalterlichen Instrumente sind authentisch und harmonisieren miteinander. So far, I'm thoroughly impressed -- again -- with Tarilonte. Video Game composer of Rayman Origins, The Adventures of Tintin: The Shadow of the Unicorn among others. He’s the one who killed the spirit of sample pack competitions. This late Renaissance invention was the ultimate accompanying instrument of the time - by adding an extension to the neck, thick strings giving low notes were placed alongside the conventional lute meaning a player could play a bass- line and give the rhythm. I don’t believe there’s a product on the market that can match this libraries sound and level of detail on such a wide array of historical instruments. ist diese Bibliothek wärmstens zu empfehlen. I am amazed at how great it sounds straight out of the box. This means that you do not need to own the full version of NI Kontakt to use it. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular and used VST instruments. Output Analog Strings. The Audio Spotlight 5 stars. Cinematic, creepy and cool - a unique collection of instruments made from glass : The Cristal Baschet, Glass Armonica & Cloud Chamber Bowls. The library contains 100 percussion track loops … The Pro-Edit page allows almost unlimited editing of the sounds.

The skins can be tightened and on the lower skin there is a snare mechanism made from two gut strings.

For me, the strength of Tarilonte's libraries is that all their round-robin and phrasing complexity is taken care of under the surface, so playing Era: Medieval Legends expressively becomes a real pleasure. French musician of old instruments and a singer, songwriter. Deep sampling, round robin, real legato and real portato are the highlights of the library.

This library has surpassed my expectations and I could not be happier! ERA II Medieval Legends - a wonderful collection of knights, princesses, dragons and their forgotten fantasy world ... All users that have registered ERA (1) may purchase an upgrade for the price of € 99.-. Die Instrumente an sich sind eine Sache, denn man kann sich vorstellen, dass es heutzutage nicht mehr viele Musiker gibt, die diese Instrumente nicht nur spielen können, sondern auch so gut beherrschen, dass man sie für eine Sample Library in Erwägung ziehen kann. Product activation:

Alles in allem ein tolles Produkt, der Preis mag hoch erscheinen, ist aber angesichts der Qualität der Samples mehr als gerechtfertigt. Birmingham Conservatoire is an international music school and renowned centre for Early Music,leading the field in introducing historical instruments to many young musicians for over 20 years. There are some sounds that I particularly could do without but I have to say that the sound quality of the whole library is simply staggering. 1. Q: How can I add a new library to Engine and activate the sounds? A single-strung, 14 course instrument made by Martin Haycock in 2005, after various seventeenth century Italian originals.

Auf den Punkt gebracht: Eine hervorragende Library, nicht nur für Filmmusiker oder ausgesprochen Mittelalter-Fetischisten. I found all I needed in ERA.

Available in Standard & Professional Editions. A: Engine or later is required for OSX 64 Bit support - Download HERE. Die Soundscapes betrachte ich als nette Zugabe, bestimmt sinnvoll, um der eigenen Kreativität auf die Sprünge zu helfen, wenn sich die Muße mal wieder zieren sollte, unsereins zu küssen. ERA II could be seen as a great collection for instrument completists, but it's been put together in such a way that we can all discover some amazing new sounds and textures, and apply them to many different styles of production. by xbitz @ 21:25 in Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.). _________________________________________________________________________, Q: I cannot find my library´s title in ProTools instruments?

The Psaltery is one of the oldest of all musical instruments, mentioned in the Bible and in numerous ancient Greek texts. Continue browsing to accept. Disney´s Bed Time Stories, Bee Movie, Over the Hedge, Made of Honor…, "Era has been loaded into my template, and has already proven really useful. BMI TV Music Awards for "CSI:NY" Seasons 1-9, Canadian Video Game Awards Best Original Music, and many more. Thank you Eduardo for your wonderful work." Renaissance Recorder Consort (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass). Use in album production for clients I have already recommend to friend and he is buying it soon The quality and musical usefulness is outstanding! His libraries always allow me to experiment with instruments I may otherwise never encounter. Era Medieval Legends provides a great collection of realistic, authentic and most importantly, usable instruments. Era Medieval Legends, a wonderful collection from a forgotten fantasy world of knights, princesses and dragons... 30-Day: 1335; 7-Day: 1412; Yesterday: 1925, Submit: News, Plug-ins, Hosts & Apps | Advertise @ KVR | Developer Account | About KVR / Contact Us | Privacy Statement, 24 people have added Era Medieval Legends to 6, Kwaya - African Voices by Eduardo Tarilonte, Mystica Female Chamber Choir (Eduardo Tarilonte), Nada - Meditation Sounds by Eduardo Tarilonte, Chris Hein - Horns Vol. Video Game composer of Rayman Origins, The Adventures of Tintin: The Shadow of the Unicorn among others. This is what Eduardo Tarilonte has done with ERA II.

Produzent der Mittelalter Rock Band "Tanzwut", "ERA II ist eine grandios aufgenommene Library mittelalterlicher Instrumente und Soundscapes. ERA erschließt uns neue (also eigentlich alte), unbekannte Klangwelten und lehrt uns vor allem eines: Wer exotische Klänge sucht, braucht nicht unbedingt in Indien oder Korea zu suchen. ", AAX native, AU, ENGINE powered, Mac, Standalone, VST, WinDownload Size: 13,47 GB, All users that have registered ERA (1) may purchase an upgrade for the price of € 99.-. What are your top synths/plugins for Deep House ? ERA II pursues the goal of capturing the musical atmosphere and sound aesthetics of the medieval, porting these old times into the computer-based production environment. For ERA II, Eduardo Tarilonte created 25 new instruments, resulting in a total number of over 70 instruments, all recorded in highest detail and quality. An instant addition to my palette, Bravo.".

This is a sample library containing sampled medieval instruments aimed mainly at media composers. genügt sie in höchsten Ansprüchen. While all other competitors put goggles on at the start of a race, he never takes them off. French musician of old instruments and a singer, songwriter. Call to Action: Charity 2020 (auction ended, $30077 raised), by VariKusBrainZ @ 21:24 in Sell & Buy (+Special Offers, Deals & Promos). It's versatility, authenticity and great detail in sound still amazes me. Kurzum: Hier erwartet dich ein sehr gutes Produkt mit reichlich Stoff zum Erforschen, Best Service hat wieder ganze Arbeit geleistet. En proposant des instruments rares avec une très bonne qualité sonore et de programmation, Eduardo Tarilonte offre une bibliothèque très intéressante, à la fois pour les médiévistes (en herbe ou confirmés) et pour tous les compositeurs qui pourront utiliser des sons inhabituels, pas forcément inédits, mais qui apporteront une touche d'étrangeté, d'inattendu ou de réalisme (certains instruments avec leurs bruitages sont bluffants) à des pièces plus modernes.

No parameters are hidden. Was soll ich sagen, auch bei ERA II wird man vom Sample-Spezialisten Eduardo Tarilonte nicht enttäuscht. This is a Kontakt Player instrument. Die vielen Details, die die Instrumente im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zum Leben erwecken, sorgen dafür, dass ERA II für viele professionelle Einsatzgebiete herangezogen werden kann.

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