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She was separated (no money to get a divorce), 3 kids (father showed up when he felt like it, paid child support when he felt like it), and was in a very low paying job with no future and her credit was destroyed. I felt really bad, that i am such a shitty person, because i had feeling for another girl. Broke up with a guy after a few weeks. My worst stories relate to females who can't accept being broken-up with. No problem, she just had to come with us to check into our hotel, we could eat something, whatever. And I was like "well...yea, I guess that's true.". Well, an organization that both mine, and my girlfriends families were a part of decided to have a "Senior Trip" for all of it's graduating students. Incredible boyfriend, our funny little 2 year old son, working a big-kid job on an island that I love. friend of mine's daughter had her now ex take her engagement ring back to the jeweler to be cleaned.

Fast forward 3 months later, and she's hanging out with a guy who clearly liked her, and I was like "I'm not okay with this, you already cheated once!" He would change settings on his page so I couldn't read anything on it sometimes. I had a friend in college who was dating a girl who had progressively gotten weirder and weirder. Done right? Three months later he calls me at 4am begging me to come visit and he'd be so good for me and why wouldn't I give him a chance? she lets him know and heads home. Me: Yeah, I don't think I want to get back together. She'd been a student 10 years ago and had been lying to my buddy about her age; we were in our very early 20's and she'd been saying she was as well...she was 31. We reported her to the university police and it turns out that she wasn't a student...anymore at least. She had gotten her period or they had taken a few negative tests. Almost every single one had at least one or two holes clean through them. I was thinking at this point I may have broken up with Bambi. So I'll start: I'd been single for a fair while, and was a bit lonely, all my friends seemed coupled of my best mates introduced me to this girl, she seemed nice (sort of sugary sweet nice), adn we started dating. I think I was just a side girl, and he either liked me a little or was really just entertained with playing mind games with people. Three years later, she finally let the cat out of the bag and told the world on her Facebook page that her anniversary with the new guy was weeks before she dumped me. He actually missed an exam (it was one of those take it now or the final counts more so I wasn't terribly worried about him...yet). She had heard some ingenious story from one of the local radio stations about a lady poking holes in condoms to get pregnant and so apparently she'd been doing that for a month or two. Turns out crazy GF had wanted to get pregnant REALLY bad so that she could lock down my buddy. So I went to the front door, figuring he might be out in the neighborhood somewhere. He was only around three weeks but he was scary and obsessive. That fucking sucks. So I emailed my mom all like "I gotta get the fuck outta here." As part of our commitment to that mission, the AskWomen subreddit is curated to promote respectful and on-topic discussions, and not serve as a debate subreddit. Whoops. Not 3 or 5 yrs older... 10yrs older! No way. Ya, nope. Shortly after, she got frustrated and asked what was wrong with me. He is out now. It had his hair on it and everything. Got myself an actual boy and moved on with life. Eventually he moved the texts to every few hours, then I was just getting one degrading text message a day. Got back to our hotel, got in bed and she wanted sexytimes; I'd forgotten to get any condoms and didn't have one on me, she went a bit mad saying it was the guys job to do that and I should go to a chemist (at 2am), I couldn't be arsed so just argued then went to sleep. Once we got closer we could see a hole clean through it. yea... that relationship didn't last long. Well at this point there's not much I can do...I go back to sleep. At this point I should note that the girl, although generally very nice, had a tendency to be a dunce, and somewhat rude. So I slept in her bed for the first few weeks. And then I also had to come out to my mom and explain the whoooole situation. Gotta give him props for that emotional range. Also, a year later, she almost caused me to get beat down by three dudes. and no one would love me because I was used up and stupid and ugly and worthless(that part didn't happen). Fast forward a couple of weeks later, I'm in the pub with original mate who set us up; she calls me a bastard (understandable) and says it's much worse than I first thought...turns out she'd had a boyfriend the year previous, and gone down to London with him...he broke up with her there. So, day before she graduates, TWO DAYS before we leave for Cali, she comes over to my house, pulls me outside, and reads me a note about how we should "take a break" and "love is a battlefield, I want you to fight for me" and other girly shit. We dated for four or five months. I screamed at him and luckily he went away. Two hours later we drove her to her brother's place, returned to our hotel, and I had a damn good vacation. You're amazing. That he would kill himself. Literally.. I used to get sick to my stomach every time I got a Facebook friend request. Bad news, but you're never going to forget them. So I don't know why he was acting so big all the time. My ace in the hole. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. My income would completely destroy that. What a dumbass. We know things can get tough at times, but you're all still our Valentines. Said he was gonna stay there until I loved him again. then finds a picture of her ex fiance' with a new woman wearing her ring! ex-boyfriend walked out of my house without a word because i wasn't "in the mood." By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Her kids were great in school, and we discussed that they would all get phenomenal needs-based scholarships when they went to college as long as we didn't get married. Finally left.

Same thing happened here, but also throw in randomly sending flowers and teddy bears to my parents house for me. When i ended it he spent all night calling me and saying if i ended it he would lay under a fire truck (he was a volunteer fire fighter) and let it roll over him.

Your mom was a ROCKSTAR in that moment. Summer is about to start, she is about to graduate and I am about to finish off my junior year early to fly to California for some vacation/brothers soccer regionals (I live in WA). It culminated in us making out pretty heavily one night, which I was ready to write off. she went on facebook the next day to find his status changed to "single" and the following day to "engaged". In the meantime she met my parents (my mum loved her) and was generally just really over-nice, which was actually pretty boring. The only problem was that he followed his dick around like the needle on a magnetic compass. Fast forward through the week. I was just thinking about this the other day, actually. Yeah. Nope. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. President Camacho, Email us to redeem your prize. And I'm also happy to say, I'm now in a much better, long-term relationship, with an actual lesbian (who's out and doesn't want to sleep with boys, or anyone else!). She turned out to be crazy. Scared to SHIT friend (STSF) - FUCK DUDE SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED. Proceeded to tell me about his experience in detail, about how even though she was prettier and more fit than me she wasn't as good as sex with me though because I was such a whore. Her: It's only a break thing. I was upset of course because I found out he had been cheating on me with her for a few months. Then I took her home and broke up with her.

It was horrible. He's lame. Oh my god I thought I was the only one!

I'd done it not just on the same day, but in the SAME HOTEL. That kind of manipulation is ridiculous. He decided to pitch a tent in my backyard until i took him back. I was in college. After a couple of weeks I was kissing her goodnight and think I went for a sly arse grab or something, she stopped and said 'no, that's naughty'...this carried on every time I tried anything vaguely sexual. The end. Me: I think it's more of a long term thing. Not over time, instantly. So we did. He was controlling and emotionally abusive while we dated, with a few small instances of him showing me physically that he was capable of restraining me or hurting me if he wanted to. He would see me heading to the campus gym and text me that the gym wasn't going to make me skinny or beautiful. In the morning when I woke up, (still to this day don't know why I thought then was a good time), I broke up with her, said only saw her as a friend. Not a huge thing.

Now I hate when people use words like "slut/whore" to demean each other. So I'll start: I'd been single for a fair while, and was a bit lonely, all my friends seemed coupled of my best mates introduced me to this girl, she seemed nice (sort of sugary sweet nice), adn we started dating. The actual windshield. I eventually ended the toxic relationship, as I had experienced abuse before and was not really interested in the mind games that kept happening. Skip forward another few days. He went from being a normal guy to "I am too alternative for words" and I wanted no part of it. He took my hand and said I needed to accept him for the new person he was, which I guess was a cheetah or something, so I told him I had to set him free.

He would Facebook and text me every single hour of the waking day with degrading messages involving any insecurity I ever shared with him. I just plain ignored him the whole time. Some girl got smart. Press J to jump to the feed. So after about 2 hours of crying finally calmed her down. So I had been dating a girl for about... 5 months. Long story short, went to prom with this girl, told me she was going to the bathroom then she never came back and I was unable to find her all night, My BF of 2 years dumped me for a girl he met on World of Warcraft. she went to pick it up and found out that since the account was in his name he would have to pick it up.

Some combo of both; he was quite elated when he told me this so basically the phone conversation went. I never held it against him while we were dating and I never used it as hurtful ammo through the break up. He didnt call back. Shit like that, but just so detailed in his mean messages. WARNING: The activities described happened in high school, so they're not that exciting. I hope you didn't feel too.... Cheetah'ed. Pretty much the worst thing I've ever experienced. Until she cheated on me, with a guy, 2 months later. For some reason they are still together. However, I still think about them every once in a while. Of course, she begged for forgiveness, and I gave it, because I was a fucking idiot. We'd been going out for a very long time. And she was all "I'm a grown adult, I can make my own choices!" This is long and my two year old bumped me while typing so early post. I definitely would have thrown a guitar at him! Girl tried to have sex w/ me.

It is 2 am and I was SLEEPING. She begged to stay friends, begged for money which I foolishly gave her. How the hell can I dye my hair cheetah print?! That made me happy. It was always a creepy, stalkerish "I see you" kinda thing. Apparently in her haste to get away from me the night before she had accidentally run over poor Jonny Johnson, who had been lying behind her car in the driveway. I told my girlfriend that i'm really sorry, but i don't have the fire in my haert for her any more, and that i need some time alone. She started crying, so I faked crying to make her feel better. I got annoyed by his insistence and stopped talking to him.

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