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Will wedding plans and cat hair get in the way?

Hour 4 of A&G features the new "even crazier than the last one" new commercial from the Lincoln Project. Advertise with Talk 650 KSTE, Get Results.

Hour 1 of the Friday edition of Armstrong & Getty features Jack's brand new look--the Handsome Man!

Hour 4 of A&G includes an update on the terrorist beheading in France.

Armstrong & Getty Air Force Bluetooth Speaker — Regular price $40 Hey you, subscribe to the A&G Superstore Newsletter!!

and we delve into the absurd notion that Trump would refuse to leave the White House--if he were to lose.

Hour 3 of A&G features a quick review of the facts sounding Bush V Gore. France goes into lockdown and Springsteen's songs ranked! Funny.

Freakin' Rudy ruins the Bobulinski, the Big Tech hearing and a military poll on Trump & Biden.

We've asked Positive Sean and MichaelAngelo to produce an A&G Newsletter. Plus, Joe "Closes His Tabs". The Armstrong & Getty Superstore is your official A&G Gear connection! Plus, Lanhee Chen joins us for his weekly chat on politics. Hear Where Sacramento Talks Back!, only on iHeartRadio. Hour 2 of A&G features polls--all of them! Joe Getty: Joe is one of the main hosts of the show. Subscribe and find out!! And, Jack talks about enjoying life as "A Handsome Man". Plus, Mailbag, a British MP lets-it-rip on his government's COVID-19 response. Plus, levity in the form of a request to our listeners. We've asked Positive Sean and MichaelAngelo to produce an A&G Newsletter. Want to know more about Armstrong and Getty? We've asked Positive Sean and MichaelAngelo to produce an A&G Newsletter. Hour 2 of A&G features the Dodgers victory--and the sanctimony that followed. Hour 3 of A&G features an exasperating story about taking the day off, some interesting thoughts about the abandonment of principles, signs of election fatigue, Kamala's impossible utopia, and staying up until the bitter end.

Listen to Talk 650 Live for Free! Armstrong & Getty Air Force Bluetooth Speaker — Regular price $40 Hey you, subscribe to the A&G Superstore Newsletter!! and we delve into the absurd notion that Trump would refuse to leave the White House--if he were to lose. Hour 1 of the Monday edition of Armstrong & Getty features some realities about who votes, a theory about conveying the right attitude, a bit of Matt Taibbi's new column and Joe's solid theory on why people are repulsed by Biden. Hour 3 of A&G features more of the Tony Bobulinski interview...MLB's commish hears some boo-birds, Joe brings us some Bonus Mailbag correspondence--including video game boys suffer from weak bone structure and calls for the end of the use of "Pretty Pretty Gavin Newsom". Armstrong & Getty The hugely popular weekday The Armstrong & Getty Show is wildly entertaining, informative and laugh-out-loud funny, with a mixture of political commentary, observations on local, national, and international news and reflections on social issues. Voters Reveal Top Issues In First Exit Polls, More Ol' Joe Biden Sounding Terrible on the Campaign Trail, Stock Market Rallies On Election Day As The Dow Surges Over 550 Points, Our Top 10 Lists...A Sausage Party? Plus, Jack gets surly with a non-Trick-or-Treat house, feeling bad for students, Matt Taibbi's column on the dangers of the left, and our desire for a good milkshake.

So please review all clothing size charts before you place your order! Hour 4 of A&G includes Joe's best-of-seven analogy, an over-the-top view of America, early reports of trouble in PA, fun with Cameo, and our Final Thoughts before election results pour in! The Conscience of the Nation.

Armstrong & Getty are the hosts of The Armstrong & Getty Show, a morning drive radio show airing in California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Washington state, and Washington, D.C. on several radio stations owned by iHeartMedia and other broadcasting companies. Sacramento's Talk Station.

Smart. A televised version of the show titled "Armstrong & Getty: Radio on Television" airs on KFTY TV50 in Santa Rosa, and can also be watched on the station's website.

Plus, Mailbag, a British MP lets-it-rip on his government's COVID-19 response.

A collection the most informative podcast episodes to get you up to speed and for Election Day 2020. © 2020, Armstrong & Getty SuperstorePowered by Shopify, The Armstrong & Getty Air Force Collection, The A&G Air Force Women's short sleeve t-shirt, Armstrong & Getty Air Force Bluetooth Speaker. Due to the pandemic, many orders are being delayed from 4-8 weeks. All of our A&G Gear is custom made just for you!

Hour 4 of A&G features a startling fact about the LA Dodgers, Ted Cruz knocks Jack Dorsey...thoughts on Biden's age, MLB's TV ratings and Final Thoughts!

If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks then look no further. He is a self professed neanderthal and looks like Fred Flintstone on a 4 day bender.

THE ARMSTRONG & GETTY SHOW MONDAY – FRIDAY 6A-10A News, politics, pop culture and the experiences of everyday life are on the menu each day during The Armstrong & Getty Show. Headlines.

Hour 3 of A&G features PS talking too much about The Mandalorian, Disney & 24 Hr Fitness have a CA grievance, Jack talks about his grandfather's unique job, we ask "Trick or Treat", examine the Philly Riots, celebrate the Handsome Man, ponder a list of celebrity Republicans and hear a pair of work girl's surprise reaction to being arrested. Also, Tesla's new feature, Springsteen's best songs and why polls should be excluded from election coverage. Hour 2 of A&G features the latest on the terrorist attack in France. Independent Perspective.

The YouTube home for the now world-famous Armstrong & Getty TV Show, as well as other A&G content. Exclusive Shows From Today's Best Artists, Wisconsin Using National Guardsmen To Transfer Data From Misprinted Ballots. President Trump Talks to Rush Limbaugh Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris as his Vice President. Fully endorsed by Jack & Joe--accept no substitutes. Get All of the Armstrong & Getty Podcasts!!!

Breaks Global Daily Coronavirus Record With Nearly 100,000 New Cases Oct 31, 2020 SEAL Team 6 Rescues American Hostage In Nigeria Oct 31, 2020

Plus, we take you calls! A&G's One More Thing Podcast, NFL Updates COVID Guidelines After Multiple Positive Tests, Mike Tomlin Breaks Record For Most Wins By A Black NFL Head Coach, Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence To Miss Next Game After Positive COVID Test, MLB Rips Justin Turner For Celebrating With Team After Positive COVID Test, NFL Reports That 90% Of Active Players Have Registered To Vote, Justin Turner Joins World Series Celebration After Positive COVID Test, Polls Open As Americans Vote For The Next President, These Chains Are Offering Free Food To Voters, Poll Workers On Election Day, Minister's Strange Outburst At Wedding Surprises Bride & Groom: Watch, NYC Restaurant Owner Draws Praise For Handling Of $2,000 Wine Mix-Up, The Secret iPhone Trick That Will Add Some Fun To Your Texts, Burnt, Red Demon Appears In Girls' Selfie Video, Here's How To See What's On Private Accounts On Instagram. Armstrong and Getty are long time disc jockeys.

Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty dedicate every broadcast to the idea that you can be informed and involved–without being angry.

Your Money, Your Wealth (Sat 10a-12p, Sun 3-5p). Get their official bio, social pages &more on iHeartRadio! Plus, Kamala's progressive creds, the latest on the beheading in France and POLL--ALL OF THEM! And, we rip some exceptionally bad news reporting. Stations "Armstrong & Getty" airs live on KSTE-AM in Sacramento and KNEW-AM in San Francisco.

Plus, C.O.W., Mailbag, some good COVID-19 news, the wild Lincoln Project commercial and an archival report video games in Boston. He grabs the wheel and leads most of the topics and interviews for the most part.

Joe Biden Says He's Confident He Will Win The Presidential Election, Joe Getty: The Election is Not a Referendum on Trump, Results Of 2020′s Most Important Senate Races: Live Updates, WATCH: Female Seattle Protester Surprised by Police Officer's Question, Madison Cawthorn Becomes First Member Of Congress Who Was Born In The '90s. That's right--live callers are featured on A&G.

Become a Friend of Armstrong & Getty! If you can never get enough true crime... The official On-Demand podcast of The A&G Show! Hour 1 of the Wednesday edition of Armstrong & Getty features lots of beef jerky, a rather enjoyable Mailbag, Biden's former biz partner, Tony Bobulinski speaks and more! Plus, businesses react to presumed violence from the left, Jack brings a creepy new element to our studio and how the left forgives and forgets when it's convenient.

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