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[11], When Reactron comes to National City with the intention to kill Supergirl as he wanted Superman to suffer and lose everything, Alex decide to help her sister to fight him despite he is not an alien and so none of D.E.O. However, before she can arrest him, the agents of Cadmus shot him and knocked down Alex. who needed her back at the base, telling Kara that she'd call her.

J'onn told them about what happened 10 years ago in Peru, about how he met Jeremiah Danvers and how Hank Henshaw tried to kill him. Alex is a tomboy and out of work seems to favor jeans, combat boots and leather jackets. Leo freed them and helped them escape when he freed Ray which allowed him to use his powers.

Alex is the fourth character, after Harry. According to Kara, Alex never eats sugar in the middle of the day.

The heartbreak that Alex suffered caused Kara to take her back to Midvale, in which the two ended up having an argument. Her hair length has generally been short. where she attempted to keep Kara alive after her brutal fight with Reign. Alex wakes up to discover Sara next to her and sneaks out. Alex and Maggie witnessed the battle between Superman and Kara in which the latter won. The girl then taught Alex a rhyme, "yubikiri genman, uso tsuitara," which means "pinky swear. Bio-engineer at the D.E.O. Alex admitted to her mother that she works at the D.E.O. Alex began to spend more time with Maggie as they explored their new relationship. However, she had gone missing and Alex tracked her by her last location and found that she had been taken to the planet Maaldoria where she wouldn't have her powers. It turned out though that Mon-El's suspicions was right as Jeremiah's rescue was part of Cadmus's plan as he was working with them. During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Alex as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[30] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[31]. Haley tells Alex to turn on the TV.

In the New Earth, Alex's life appears to remain the same, after the creation of Earth-Prime, with the sole exception that Lex Luthor's is an international hero and creator of the DEO, and now forced to work together. business. Alex battled along with the others and seemed to be winning until the arrival of Metallo who quickly took down Supergirl and Firestorm with ease, and Alex and the others were knocked out.

To see other versions of this character, click the Earth name below for that Earth's counterpart of Alex Danvers. Alex enjoys pizza and eats it more than most foods.

When she did, Alex and Kara couldn't see her, but Brainy breathed water vapor on window, and Nia wrote "Shelley Island" on it, as it was Lex's base for captured aliens. The costume is a black (of course) formfitting bodysuit with reinforced padding on the chest and shoulders, as well as tactical gloves and combat boots. Once inside she discovers a random add-on of a haunted house, and frees a couple of people trapped inside. Kara calmed her teammates and explained that Lena was there telling all she knew about Leviathan and Lex and Kara wanted their help in stopping their plans. At first, nothing happens, and Alex cries in despair but then sunlight starts seeping from plants towards Kara, and she is revived.

Haley had ordered the use of lethal weaponry against the Morais. Though the plane was saved by Kara from crashing, Alex later berated her sister for doing so, angry that she had revealed herself to the world, and now there is no turning back. Mo-El and Imra told Alex and the others about their mission and that they know Reign eventually left but with Supergirl out of commission, Reign is creating terror. After the Children of Liberty were defeated, a new criminal organization arrived in National City; the Leviathan. Alex attended the funeral of Martin Stein along with everyone else. Her stubbornness and determination makes that even "Hank Henshaw" decides to help them. Kelly admitted, that her time with Alex had made her feel whole again, and they both kissed. She has been referenced as being a "bad-ass" by many people. She later went to Kara's apartment, apologetically explaining herself, and encouraging Kara to be a hero. to talk with Alex, to warn her about the Red Daughter. That night, Alex found Maggie at Al's Dive Bar, she apologized for how she behaved insolently when considered that she was gay, but Alex said that she could not stop thinking about it and that in the fact could be the truth.[25]. Arrow However, Kelly goes with her to Portsmouth. [19] She almost did it, but was stopped by her mother, who told her that she believed in her, snapping her out of the mind control. They triangulate an address in National City, and Kara goes there. Als Alex 14 Jahre alt war, wurde Kara Zor-El von ihrer Familie aufgenommen.

Alex continued to practice with the Hand of the soldier but she missed the resources that she once commanded as director of the D.E.O.

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